Apple, Samsung: It's About Android

Android conveniently came before iOS.

This is a trial about "look and feel."

Apple's warning to Samsung: 'Android is designed to lead companies to imitate the iPhone'
The real focus was to entice Samsung to license Apple's patents
After Starting With a Bang, Apple vs. Samsung Now Just as Boring as Other Patent Cases
The problem with patent cases is, sooner or later, you find yourself talking about patents..... the well-guarded kitchen table around which Apple’s design team creates the company’s products. ..... Apple is suing Samsung for infringing a range of design and utility patents, as well as the “trade dress” for the iPhone and iPad. Samsung denies it infringes, and argues that Apple’s patents should also be found invalid. The company has also countersued, alleging that Apple’s wireless products infringe on Samsung patents. ..... He gets Singh to agree that Apple didn’t invent scrolling or scaling. No, Singh agrees, the notion of scaling goes back to the ancient Greeks.
Samsung takes on Apple over value of phone features
Apple and Samsung are going toe-to-toe in a patents dispute mirroring a struggle for industry supremacy between two rivals that control more than half of worldwide smartphone sales..... While Apple is open to licensing certain categories of patents, Teksler said, it is highly resistant to giving other companies access to technology it deems core to its "unique user experience." ..... Apple is one of Samsung's biggest customers for smartphone and tablet component parts
This case needs to go to the WTO.

Look below. The computer on the left is from Apple in 1990. But the one on the right is from NeXT. How come Apple did not sue NeXT? The two machines look alike to me.

Not to mention others like Dell, Compaq and HP who also built machines with a similar "look and feel."

This trial is Apple going after Google and Google is not hitting back.

For a company that quite literally stole the GUI from Xerox, and the iPhone from Sony.

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