Apple Got Away With Murder

This legal wrangle so needs to go through the appeals process.

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Apple Samsung: The Verdict Was Unfair

Samsung Case Puts Apple Closer to Google Fight
the war is drawing closer to Google’s doorstep. Google is increasingly making its own hardware, thanks in part to its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, or playing an integral part in designing it, as it did with the Nexus 7 tablet. And the jury in the Samsung trial found that features built into Android, and not just features added by Samsung, violated Apple patents — potentially forcing Google to adjust its software. ..... It would be difficult for Apple to prove that Google is benefiting financially from patent infringement, or that Google, and not the hardware manufacturers, is directly responsible for potential damages caused to Apple .... The iPhone includes a Google search bar in its Safari browser, and Google offers some popular apps, like one for Gmail, in Apple’s App Store. A direct attack could compel Google to remove such features from the iPhone and make it a less attractive product to consumers ..... peace between Google and Apple is looking shakier by the day. ..... Several features that Apple said Samsung’s devices had infringed are built into Android, like pinching the screen or tapping to zoom. Another, the rubber band effect, when the screen bounces to indicate reaching the top or bottom, was part of Android until recently. According to a person briefed on Google’s Android design plans, Google removed the effect for design reasons, not in response to patent litigation. ....... “Most of these patent claims don’t relate to the core Android operating system,” Google said in a statement on Monday. “The mobile industry is moving fast and all players, including newcomers, are building upon ideas that have been around for decades.” ...... owning Motorola also armed Google with its own arsenal of mobile-related patents, so a fight between Apple and Motorola could result in a settlement in which the two companies agreed to license each other’s patents ..... Samsung has said it will ask the judge in the case to overturn the jury’s verdict and, if that fails, will file an appeal with a higher court. ..... Apple on Monday asked a federal judge to block the sale of eight Samsung smartphones. But the chance that Samsung will have to take those phones off store shelves soon is slim, because of the likelihood that such an action could be delayed, pending appeals by Samsung
Apple Seeks U.S. Sales Ban on Eight Samsung Devices
Apple seeks quick bans on eight Samsung phones
eight older-model smartphones, including the Galaxy S2 and Droid Charge. While Apple's lawsuit encompassed 28 devices, many of those accused products are no longer widely available in the world's largest mobile market. ... the S III ... can include it in a "contempt proceeding" that moves much faster .... The verdict could lead to an outright ban on sales of key Samsung products. .... Samsung lost ... in market capitalization after its shares slid 7.5 percent in Seoul. .... Nokia, which has staked its future on Windows phones, gained 7.7 percent.
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