Apple Acting Soviet

I have used that phrase a few times here at this blog and I am glad some other blogger is using that same metaphor.

Why Apple Is ‘Losing’ the Samsung Lawsuit So Far
Apple is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. No, wait. That was Stalinist Russia .... that’s what’s so great about the current jury trial in Silicon Valley, where Apple is suing Samsung and Samsung is suing Apple. It’s forcing Apple to reveal countless facts and events that it doesn’t want to reveal. .... the discovery and revelation is punishing Apple ..... 1. Steve Jobs changed his mind about a 7-inch iPad .... 2. Apple spent more than a billion dollars marketing iPhone and iPad ...... 3. Apple closely watches the competition ..... 4. Apple listens to its customers ....... 5. Most people buy iPhone cases ..... 6. Apple thought about adding a “kickstand” to the iPad ..... 7. The code-name for the iPhone was “Purple” ..... 8. Apple made a phone instead of a camera or a car ... Schiller also revealed that the iPhone came about because Apple was interested in expanding into other markets. The company actually entertained the ideas of making “a camera or a car,” according to Schiller. .................. A big part of Apple’s aura is the perception of effortless genius. A dozen brilliant designers sit around a kitchen table and dream up the future...... But the Samsung trail has forced Apple to reveal a different reality. Apple works really hard to get its success. Apple spends a fortune to market its products. Apple people speak internally in the language of violence: It’s competitors are “enemies” that must be defeated in a design “fight club.” It pays close attention to the competitive products and customer satisfaction. Apple doesn’t always know what it’s doing.
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