A Google Fiber Impact

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It is fair to say gigabit broadband will spawn new companies and industries.

Entrepreneurs Dream of Jumping on Super-Fast Network
the area's entrepreneurs are plotting how to capitalize on the one-gigabit communications network in creative ways. ..... "Google Fiber has gotten the whole city thinking about technology." ..... Google Fiber is so powerful that it will improve education technology and transform how businesses operate. .... enabling one-gigabit Internet speeds across the country .... the cost would eventually be tens of billions of dollars ..... some elderly patients aren't facile with computers and a TV set is thus a better way to monitor them at home. ..... He now pays $1,400 a month for a network that supports a fraction of the bandwidth Google will offer. ...... Some of the entrepreneurs building products and businesses that will capitalize on Google Fiber may have a tough time drawing major backing from venture capitalists. The Kansas City region is still considered fly-over country by investors
The Great Recession's outcome should have been gigabit broadband for every American. That is where at least half a trillion should have gone. But that perhaps was not meant to be.

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