4,000 MPH Commercial Travel Speed

SFO to JFK in less than an hour? It could happen
Barring snafus, an X-51 WaveRiderScramjet” could hit speeds of nearly 4,000 mph in a test flight on Tuesday. Such hypersonic flight, if proven viable, would cut the time of a cross-country trip from five hours plus to a mere 46 minutes..... promising Paris-to-Tokyo journeys of under 3 hours. .... Supersonic flight is not unprecedented. The Concorde aircraft flown by Air France and British Airways hit speeds of up to 2 mach or about 1,350 mph, but were notoriously inefficient and expensive. The program was not economically sustainable. And that will be a factor for commercial airlines evaluating hypersonic flight. .... at that clip, who cares about airline food or if the Wi-Fi works?

And check out this gravity train.

And if the world is not enough.

And if Mars is not enough, how about the future?

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