Video Pulse

A woman’s eye. Esperanto: Virina okulo. França...
A woman’s eye. Esperanto: Virina okulo. Français : Un œil de femme. Slovenčina: Ženské oko. Српски / Srpski: Женско око. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Software Detects Motion that the Human Eye Can't See
for example, measure someone's pulse by shooting a video of him and capturing the way blood is flowing across his face...... the primary application will be for remote medical diagnostics, but it could be used to detect any small motion, so that it might let, for example, structural engineers measure the way wind makes a building sway or deform slightly..... it can just take standard video, from just about any device, and then process it in a way that finds this hidden information in the signal
This can be of great help to remote medicine.

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