Urban Centers And Tech Innovation

New York City
New York City (Photo credit: kaysha)
Facebook Opens First International Engineering Office In London
The company currently has over 901 million monthly active numbers and estimates that over 80% of those users are outside the U.S. and Canada.
What is it about big cities? Most Silicon Valley engineers prefer to live in San Francisco, the city. They commute. The number one place for tech startups in America today is San Francisco, not Silicon Valley. And I intend to differentiate between the two. The number two place is not Boston or Seattle. It is New York City. Google has a major engineering presence in NYC. Many big tech companies do.

Big cities are attractive because that is where engineers want to live. Broadband is everywhere. So other than quality of life it is about the ecosystem. And the tech ecosystem is easier to build in a big city.

Frankly I think NYC is on its way to become number one by the end of the decade.

Does Geography Matter?

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