SMS: Nowhere Close To Done

SMS Flickr Dene Voss
SMS Flickr Dene Voss (Photo credit: katielips)
SMS is great for communication. The message is short. Chances are it is being sent to someone you know well. It will get read. It is instant delivery. It is efficient. It is natural to how you talk to people. You don't talk in paragraphs.

But it is more. I think of SMS as command. Before GUI (Graphical User Interface) you had to input commands. After the cursor came the touch. There is gesture, there is 3D. I think SMS is going to emerge something cutting edge like that. You should be able to talk to the most complex of your machines through the simplest of your phones.

Power To The Cloud: Twilio Takes Its SMS Messaging API Global, Adds Dozens Of New Languages, 150+ Countries
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