Mobile 3.0: Scoble Cracks It

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Mobile 3.0 arrives: How Qualcomm just showed us the future of the cell phone (and why iPhone sucks for this new contextual age)
First mobile was the standard old cell phone. You talked into it. The second mobile era was brought to us by the iPhone. You poked at a screen. The third era will bring us a mobile that saves us from clicking on the screen.
Scoble is talking about a phone that makes sense of everything - which is a lot of things, and tells you like it were a really smart assistant. No need to ask. It knows you, it knows where you are, what you are doing, what your plans are. And so it tells you things. Like, time to get ready for the next meeting. Pretty cool.

Looks like Scoble has figured out the Facebook and Amazon smartphones. In that way he is like the guy who "stole" the iPhone before it came to the market.

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