Mayer Shoots For Yahoo, Google Stock Drops

Marissa Mayer
Marissa Mayer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It has been heard over the grapevine that Google CEO Larry Page - who is not in the habit of reading news four times a day like the rest of us - was taken aback when he received a text alert on his Google Nexus phone - yeah, he is still on Nexus 1.0 - that the Google stock had nosedived. At first he thought the market was reacting to his long sick leave. But that was days ago, he said to Sergey Brin.

When Sergey Brin - who does read news four times a day - gently apprised him that maybe it was something to do with Marissa Mayer.

"What did Marissa do?" Larry Page asked.

Sergey Brin found himself at a loss for words. He did not quite know how to put it. But before Page took wild guesses, Brin volunteered.

"She left," he whispered.

"To launch a startup? How could she? Who did she take with her? What space is she looking at? I hope not local.... Did she tell you? How long have you known this?"

"It is all over TechMeme, Larry," Sergey whispered.
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