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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 28: (EDITOR'S NOTE: Image was shot with an iPhone using Instagram) Justin Han of Australia poses during the adidas 2012 Australian Olympic Games competitor uniform launch at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre on March 28, 2012 in Sydney, Australia. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Instagram For The Web Coming Soon? Online ‘View Profile’ Link Spotted In The Wild
You can’t take a desktop experience and shove it into a 3-by-4-in screen. It’s a very different behavior pattern. It’s a very different browse pattern. People interact with their phones very differently than they do with their PCs and I think that when you design from the ground up with mobile in mind, you create a very different product than going the other way.
Instagram took too much time to get on the Android platform, and it is a mistake it is not on the web already. But better late than never. Mobile is where the action is, but you ignore the web at your peril.

Instagram's attempt to get on the web will be a good way to mesh the service into its now ownner: Facebook. As is well known Facebook struggles in the mobile space.

If Instagram will have a hard time adopting the web, the two services will have a higher chance of melding.

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