Google Glass

CNet: How Google is becoming an extension of your mind
an omnipresent digital assistant that figures out what you need and supplies it before you even realize you need it ..... Or Google taking over your car when it concludes based on your steering response time and blink rate that you're no longer fit to drive. Or your Google glasses automatically beaming audio and video to the police when you say a phrase that indicates you're being mugged. ...... some of those sci-fi possibilities I just described could be real within three to five years ...... the more types of work computers do on your behalf to make your life easier, the more access you must grant them to the intimacies of your personal life ...... Brin said Project Glass repackages much of the same technology that's in a mobile phone today ....... Its self-driving cars could give commuters another hour or two a day to be checking e-mail, watching video, and performing searches. ...... Project Glass glasses present a small screen at the top of your ordinary field of view, not a layer between you and whoever you're talking to.

They could make it look less in your face. The frame could go light, super light, thin, ultra thin, and transparent.

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