Education For The 99%

Ruchit Garg: Why you need to go to good college?
“What is the value add of a college/school in the era where you have almost everything available on web, free or paid?” Answer is “World works on relationships and there are no better alternatives to learn, experience and make them work for you, than going to meet and interact with real people”.
Forbes: M.I.T. Game-Changer: Free Online Education For All
the success of M.I.T.x, OCW, and Academic Earth may push dramatic technological innovation at for-profits, so that they can maintain a unique selling proposition versus their free competitors .... against this country’s sizable need for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) graduates, M.I.T.x is nothing short of revolutionary. This is especially true if you aren’t a credential freak and, like me, just want to improve your chops in a marketable subject area
I am a big believer. I think online education is the way to go if the masses are to be served.
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