Brewster: Is It Green?

One day while Dropio was still a company - before it got bought and put to rest by Facebook (Dropio entered the space before Dropbox) - I tweeted everyone working at Dropio with a twitter account. Only one of them tweeted back, some dude called Steve Greenwood. A few days later I found myself in front of him at the final Social Media Week party, it was a fancy party. (That was two years before I snatched the crown.) I was just standing there, he had walked over. I thought it was random, now I think not. I said hello, then I found out he worked at Dropio. Obviously I had not connected the dots. He startled me by talking of Dropio as "a trillion dollar opportunity." This was way before Google hit 600 billion, or wherever they are at right now.

The last time I met Steve Greenwood was a year and a half ago at the Barack Obama State Of The Union Watch party. I did not have the faintest idea both Greenwood and I had a mutual friend in the organizer of the event.

In between one day I met Greenwood at a New York Tech MeetUp after party. It was minutes after some random dude never seen before and after called me Sean Parker.

We are not close. We don't have each other's phone numbers. We have not exchanged emails. His first tweet was his last to me. But he has been one of those undefined guys in the New York tech ecosystem. Someone with obvious raw potential, but you did not know if you did not know.

And now the dude reveals himself. It is entirely possible I never made it to his spreadsheet.

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