Asana And Enterprise

English: Photograph of Justin Rosenstein, crea...
English: Photograph of Justin Rosenstein, creator of "Asana." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I think Asana is upto something.

In It to Win It: Asana Raises $28M Series B, Peter Thiel Joins the Board
The Root of the Problem: Asana Boldly Aims to Kill Email
“Social business is an oxymoron,” Rosenstein says. “In your personal life what you want is a system to help you track relationships with people. At work, it’s less interesting to follow people. You want a work, task graph that tracks all the units of work, what has been done and what still needs to be done. You want to track all the piles around those work items. That’s what’s central the story — the items of work, not the people.”

Or put more simply by Moskovitz, “If we felt that a Facebook for enterprise was what businesses needed, we would have built that.”
It is a really interesting enterprise company. They are saying some sensical things about the work space.

The problem with your email inbox is it is many different companies/applications crammed into one. Just like Craig's List was 50 different companies, your email inbox is 20 different companies.

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