5, 7 And 10 Inches

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I think those three are the right sizes. And all three should be similar in functionality. As in, all three should be able to make phone calls. And I don't necessarily mean cellular. An app working over wifi is fine. Don't deprive it of a camera, front and back.

With the smartphone we are already in the four and a half inch territory. We are almost there. Amazon cracked the 7 incher with the Kindle Fire and Google nailed it with Nexus 7, and Apple is scrambling to get in there.

10 inches is almost Macbook Air territory. Things start getting a little fuzzy around there. And if touch is not to stay put at smartphone and tablet levels, if it is also to be part of the PC experience - Hello Windows 8 - then the size thing becomes even more important. It is just about the size. Otherwise it is pretty much the same thing. Which probably means you don't need them all. I think it is possible to get by with two.
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