Fully Filling Out My LinkedIn Profile

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I signed up for LinkedIn not long after it was launched because I read about it in the news. But I have never been much of a user. Two days back I decided to add many more details. For the first time I might have a full profile. Although it has technically been full the entire time.

Chris Dixon once said people thought he had a "strange" resume. I might have one of those. Omitting details makes it stranger. So I decided to add details going back as far as I could.

My LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has been defying gravity as a post IPO company. Good old fashioned revenue helps. Their revenues have doubled every quarter since they went IPO. And that is why they still have an outlandish P/E ratio. At LinkedIn corporate salespeople are considered as important as engineers. Most of their money comes from charging big money to recruiters. LinkedIn is recruiting on steroids.

While you are at it, go read this article.
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