Corporations And Now Government?

Steve Jobs while presenting the iPad in San Fr...Image via WikipediaRIM is in trouble. Their flagship BlackBerry is in serious trouble. The iOS assault is total.

BusinessWeek: U.S. Air Force May Buy 18,000 Apple IPad2s for Flight Crews

Steve Jobs stayed true to the consumer. That is how he started his career. That is how he ended his career. But now the iPhone and the iPad together are going places that Steve Jobs studiously avoided. He disliked the idea of having to sell to this one CIO person who would decide on behalf of hundreds and perhaps thousands of people working in that company. Instead he preferred to go straight to the consumer.

That still has not changed. It is not the CIOs of the world that are making these decisions. Those Apple loving consumers, guess what, many of them work for these companies. Ends up many of them also work for government.

And RIM is being pushed off the cliff.
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