Chrome For Android

You'd think they'd have done it sooner.

parislemon: Chrome For Android: The Browser For The 1% Both products were initally launched in September 2008 .... like the original version of Chrome, Chrome for Android is going to push all browsers forward ..... Each website is a card (not unlike webOS cards) and you can flip through them side to side, or through a stacked overview interface. ..... Also along for the ride: Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, GPU acceleration, web page pre-rendering, and yes, the Omnibox! These are all a big part of the Chrome team bringing what they call a “fully equipped browser” to the mobile experience. ..... the real killer feature of Chrome is sync. Because the newer versions of the browser for PCs allow you to sign in with your Google account, it can remember not only passwords and bookmarks, but open tabs as well. .... some of the more advanced features of Chrome for Android require APIs found only in Ice Cream Sandwich .... Pages load fast (roughly as fast as Safari on iOS 5 .... the plan is to iterate quickly

Engadget: Chrome Beta for Android hands-on (video) is fast -- a little buggy perhaps, but fast

The Verge: Chrome for Android beta launches with place shifting, faster rendering, and card view Chrome for Android — the long-rumored, oft-requested grand unification of Google's mobile and desktop browsing technologies ..... UI improvements, better pre-fetching, and smoother scrolling ..... tab management is a focal point in Chrome .... "as if you're holding a deck of cards in the palm of your hands"

CNet: Three years on, Chrome at last arrives on Android a momentous step that marries two of Google's most important programming projects. ...... With its performance and features, Google expects Android users to increase their browser activity ..... Android and Chrome are made for each other. .... Each started as small, rough projects that exploded in usage and became top priorities for the company. ..... Android and Chrome are vehicles to carry people to Google search, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google+, and doubtless many future online services. Not coincidentally, Chrome and Android are set up to work better if you're signed into a Google account. ...... With so much to gain from each other, it's somewhat surprising that it took more than three years for the Chrome chocolate to get stuck in the Android peanut butter. ...... It supports a wide range of Web standards, including Web Workers for multiple computing processes, Web Sockets for fast server-browser communciations, HTML5 video and audio, and IndexedDB for offline storage. ...... Chrome for Android increases a certain tension within Google: should software run natively on a particular computing device or as a Web app within a browser? ....... But Chrome's arrival doesn't herald a new age when Web apps rule on Android. ...... Google plans to update Chrome for Android every six weeks, just like the desktop version ...... "I think mobile browsing is in its infancy. As phones are getting more powerful, as screen sizes are getting larger and higher-resolution, and as connectivity is getting better going from 3G to 4G, I think mobile browsing can be huge," Pichai said. Now using Chrome on Android, "my browser usage has sky rocketed."

TechCrunch: Google Chrome Is Now Available For Android (And It’s Fantastic) And it’s also loaded with potential. ..... the speed boosts. Chrome definitely feels snappier, no doubt in large part to its hardware acceleration..... pre-fetching — Chrome will automatically begin loading the page it thinks you’re visiting next ..... the lack of a ‘Request Desktop Site’ feature ..... Extensions aren’t part of this launch, but they are inevitable.

AllThingsD: Google’s Worlds Collide as Chrome Browser Comes to Android (Video) No, hell hasn’t frozen over. But Google has finally brought its two big platforms together, with Chrome for Android arriving on Tuesday. ..... Over time, though, Google expects Chrome to become the default (and only Google browser) in Android. ..... The big promise of Chrome is that browsing on the phone would shift to something that people do often instead of something only done when one has to. ..... That Chrome would eventually come to Android isn’t a surprise. Sergey Brin predicted as much back in 2008, when the desktop browser first launched. .... Chrome for Android doesn’t currently support plug-ins, though it does have an architecture for such support.

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