Google Is Mind Blowing

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseGoogle conquered search. I remember the days when I used to fondly display the Google search engine on my personal homepage on Geocities. This was when Google had just launched. The company has come a long way since.

It conquered search. It floundered on social, the next big trend, for a few years. But now it seems to also have mastered social. Google Plus is a big hit.

It has conquered the mobile space with Android.

Big Data is the next big thing after social, I think, many think. Google is doing some really interesting things in that space. Facebook is not, Apple is not. Microsoft might, but is not. Many new startups are doing better work than Microsoft in that space. Just like social belongs to Facebook, Big Data deserves to belong to new names, not Google. But Google is proving surprisingly resilient.

People talk about the magic of Apple. I never really got it. For me the magic has always rested with Google.

And that is not even talking about Google X. Google thinks long term like no other company I know. I think Google more than Apple is poised to end up the most valuable company in the world. Google X has been working on entire new industries of the future. Much of it comes across as sci-fi.

I love Google like some people love Apple. But that is no news. That has always been true for me. But I have always been fascinated by the Steve Jobs life story.

It's a buy from me on Google stocks.

If I were forced to choose between Gmail and Facebook, I would pick Gmail. But I am glad I am not being forced.
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