The NYU ITP Show Was Amazing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - OCTOBER 18:  Foursquare co...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeI meant to show up last year but for some reason the event fell through the crack of things. I am so glad I got to show up this year. If you could go to just one event in December, it would be this one. And there are some great Holiday parties in town this month.

December Events

I showed up early and stayed the entire time. I went from stall to stall. And when I was done I made repeat visits to some stalls. It was a mind blowing experience.

FourSquare Should Rent A Stadium

NYU is accessible like Columbia is not. NYU has a great location. And the ITP has the distinction of having had Dennis Crowley there a few years back. He probably is its most famous alum.

The show gave glimpses into the future. Computing is going 3D. It is going beyond sights to sound to space to even smell. One presenter had managed to add intelligence to smell. It was rudimentary, but it was a step.

Some of my favorite projects were very low tech. But they looked like they might really impact lives. Like this team that had figured out a way to turn two bicycles into an ambulance for "Uganda" through "UNICEF." I would probably say that was the top project.
UNICEFImage via Wikipedia
I wish I had met more people. But I collected plenty of business cards as is, including of a few people - presenters - who wish to collaborate with me on my tech consulting. Always be conducting business. Always be pimping.
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