Blueprint For The 21st Century

English: The emblem of the American Recovery a...Image via Wikipedia(1) Wireless, Gigabit Broadband For Seven Billion People

This needed to be the primary focus of the stimulus bill in 2009. Instead a bunch of money got poured into 20th century artifacts like roads and bridges. I don't think this will take more than 100 billion. At most. That is a small price tag if you ask me. Considering how central it is to everything else that needs to get done.

You do this and far fewer people are trying to come into America, into Europe. Educational and economic opportunities would go everywhere.

And it will pay for itself. First you build it, then you operate it, then you go ad supported, and then you sell it off, and end up making money on the whole thing. I am talking satellites, I am talking dark fiber. Do whatever it takes. The goal should be that no matter where you are on the planet, on land or water, we got you covered.

This infrastructure is key to every big problem we face today, starting with global finance. People who are trying to "fix" things are literally flying blind. They don't have the data with which to build a new global financial architecture, the only way out of the current mess.

This infrastructure is needed to fight climate change. You build this infrastructure and nothing can stop the total spread of democracy. All demon regimes wither away.

(2) Seven Billion People Checking In

All airports, all bus terminals, all train stations should have this. All public places. You announce your presence to a mega database. It could be retina stuff. Alongside build a huge database for fingerprints as well. And you do these two things to get rid of the sick immigration laws that exist in every country.

If you live in a city, you should be able to vote in that city. That should be the global law.

(3) Erosion Of The Nation State

This is inevitable.
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