Being Able To Embed Tweets Is A Revolution

I have been blaming Evan Williams for this the entire time. He ousted Jack Dorsey, and I can't even freaking embed tweets in my blog posts. I mean, I can. There are services like Embedly. But they generate five hectares of code. A tweet is not more complex than a video clip, and YouTube generates one line of code for you to embed video clips from YouTube. Embedding a tweet should feel as effortless as retweeting. A tweet is a unit, and that unit you should be able to carry with you.

I still don't have it yet. I guess they are going to take their sweet time to roll it. Maybe days. Maybe weeks. But that's okay. I mean, it's not. But what you gonna do?

Now I have one request for Twitter. All my tweets are belong to me. Instead of the search all of Twitter option - which you obviously can not deliver on - there should be an option saying search all my tweets. I should be able to dig up any tweet I ever tweeted. Right now you can't. I think they only let you access your 3,000 newest tweets. Somebody at the headquarters does not understand real time. Costolo, would that be you?

With Google you can search every webpage that was ever created. With Twitter you can't even search through tweets that reside on Twitter's servers. That is one web domain. C'mon people. You can do better than that.

At least they have not destroyed my tweets. But not being able to search through them is as good as their being destroyed.

I don't see the embed button yet, so I am still having to use Embedly.

This rollout thing, do they start on the West Coast? Because I am on the East Coast.

I feel listened to. (Twitter Asks)

Twitter Unleashes Embeddable Tweets
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