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Happy New Year

Via Deborah Lilly Weddington

My idea of New Year was to go for a long walk in Queens. And soon I am headed to Times Square. After midnight I might be headed to a party in the East Village.

Happy New Year everyone! It is going to be exciting.

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Texting While Driving Asks For Driverless Cars

Image via WikipediaSome people are referring to it as an epidemic. People who text while they drive are more likely to get into an accident. That sounds like common sense. But the real solution is not to ban texting, although it might make short term sense. The real solution is to speed up and end up with driverless cars.

Self Driving Google Car
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The Coming War On General Computation

Via Timo

Is Tech Blogging Dying?

Image via CrunchBaseMy short answer is no, not at all.

But there is a minor storm on the topic going on. It was, I believe, started by Jeremiah Owyang.

End of an Era: The Golden Age of Tech Blogging is Over

Many people have pitched in with their own reply blog posts. Notables like Pete Cashmore, Fred Wilson, and Loic Le Meur - founder of Le Web conference in Paris - have participated in Jeremiah's comments sections. Pete Cashmore's comment is particularly interesting.

Sarah Lacy: Golden Age of Tech Blogging Done? I Couldn't Disagree More
Brian Solis: Is the Golden Age of tech blogging over?
Marshall Kirkpatrick: The Next Era of Tech Blogging: 3 Things That Could Make it Better
Hugh MacLeod: Oh No! Blogging is REALLY, REALLY dead this time!!!!!! :D

TechCrunch Predicts The Year Ahead

Image via CrunchBaseTechCrunch: "No one knows what the future holds, but I can guarantee you the world will look be different – again – at the end of next year."

This statement is almost irresponsible. It is more fitting for The Onion than for TechCrunch.

It is funny. Who would have thought?

Could Google+ End Up Bigger Than Gmail?

Image via CrunchBaseLooks like Facebook has some real competition on its hands. The numbers are looking really good for Google+ right now and they keep getting better. Finally after Wave and Buzz and Orkut and a few other attempts Google seems to have nailed social.

But I think Google+ is different from Facebook. In terms of the social graph it resides somewhere between Twitter and Facebook, although Facebook's new subscribe feature brings it more into the Google+ realm.
Image via CrunchBase
If Google+ ends up with something like 400 million users by the end of 2012, that will be remarkable. The news will not be that it has become half the size of Facebook. The news will be that it has become bigger than Gmail.
Image via CrunchBase
Google+ might many people's solution to the inbox problem. Don't clutter people's inboxes, instead send out a Google+ post. That is the message. Whats' the difference between an email that never got read a Google+ post that never got see…

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White Space Revolution

Image via WikipediaThe real question is why does broadcast television have a-n-y spectrum? Why is it not all going to wireless broadband? But until we get there, this small development is small solace. This development taken to its logical conclusion will finally turn the smartphone and the tablet into the laptop. In that I mean connectivity will cease to be an issue. For a flat monthly fee you can have as much of it as you want.

Business Insider: The Next Billion Dollar Wireless Industry Has Officially Launched
White Spaces has been called "WiFi on steroids" and has been championed by the likes of Google and Microsoft...... White spaces brings with it tons of potential for new devices and applications. It is faster than WiFi so it can handle more data. It can bring (nearly) free Internet access to the most remote areas of the country, places that can't get WiFi. ......... Because it uses broadcast television signals, any place that can pick up a broadcast TV signal shou…

Sean Parker's AirTime Is Exciting


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Don't Count Out Microsoft

People like to ask if Google has become Microsoft. They don't mean that as a compliment. But you only have to watch this video to realize not only is Microsoft in the lead on the next big thing - 3D - but it also now has a really sleep smartphone. And if Windows on your laptop/PC is going to have keyboard, mice a-n-d touch, that is big leagues.

Microsoft is very well positioned right now.

Could Skype Be Microsoft's YouTube?
Microsoft's Alliances And Acquisitions
Microsoft's Second Act?
Microsoft's Gesture
Microsoft: Smartphone, Tablet, Bar Code

A Man Who Needs No Introduction
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A Man Who Needs No Introduction

I have been going through the videos from Paris. And this one struck me because it was put right next to the Eric Schmidt video, and I am like, who is this guy? I have never seem him before. Well, I still don't know who he is. But he got introduced as "a man who needs no introduction."

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Merry Christmas

Sleep tight.

My Take On AirTime (4)

Image via WikipediaGoogle Hangouts is not it, not by a wide margin. And Chatroulette was more like Lycos. AirTime might end up the Google of the random connections space. But there is no given, even if the founder is Sean Parker. But I think this team has a shot.

Happy Holidays

You see a big screen, a full screen, a near full screen. And in there you see a random person on the service. Could be anybody from anywhere. That randomness has got to be the starting point. I mean, we are talking world peace. The social graph that Facebook has mapped is like the solar system. The random connections space is the size of the Milky Way. But it has to be done right. There is enough broadband globally that this application could fly.

So you start with that random person, and the option to click next and move on to the next random person. But you also want the users to have the flag option to not end up with Chatroulette like penis problem. If you got flagged by 100 users, chances are you have bee…

Dave Morin Talks to Calacanis

Source: Jason Calacanis

Calacanis, as usual, does half the talking.

The money quote has got to be Morin talking about the "hard conversations" you are supposed to have. The more of them you have the better you get at them.

Another quote. "Stop going to conferences, stay at the office, do the work, listen to your users."

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Happy Holidays


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The NYU ITP Show Was Amazing

Image by Getty Images via @daylifeI meant to show up last year but for some reason the event fell through the crack of things. I am so glad I got to show up this year. If you could go to just one event in December, it would be this one. And there are some great Holiday parties in town this month.

December Events

I showed up early and stayed the entire time. I went from stall to stall. And when I was done I made repeat visits to some stalls. It was a mind blowing experience.

FourSquare Should Rent A Stadium

NYU is accessible like Columbia is not. NYU has a great location. And the ITP has the distinction of having had Dennis Crowley there a few years back. He probably is its most famous alum.

The Significance Of Eating An Apple

I'd like to believe I am health conscious. And I wish the same upon others. I weigh the same that I did when I showed up in this country. That is no small achievement. Exercise, food and sleep are the basics you have to stay cognizant of. I am capable of going for long walks. And the primary motivator for me there is what I see, not the muscles I exercise, although those walks always lead to good nights of sleep. Similarly the apple for me is the good taste. I don't think of it as a prescription drug. As in, it is good for me, so I should eat it. I do freehand exercise. Long walks are for when I feel the strong urge to see. And the vastness of Queens speaks to that urge. Used to be The Bronx, but I took care of that weeks ago. I camped out at a friend's for a few weeks and walked all over The Bronx. Now Queens is the borough I have seen the least. And the borough is just so big, and most parts are far far away from train stations. I sleep plenty. I think that is key. For …

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New Business Cards

"Don't Throw Your Business Card At Me"
New Business Card On The Way

Another card designed by my friend Jackson Lin. This is two sides. He did it in five minutes while I watched. At the Whole Foods in Union Square. This might be headed to some local printer.

Kathmandu Six Decades Ago


Blip.TV Did Rent A Stadium Looks Like

At the party I am going to say a founder of Blip.TV personally invited me, that is why I am here. As for these other six people with me, if you want, I don't know who they are, feel free to kick them out.

paramendraParamendra Bhagat Are there @foursquare and @bliptv holiday parties this year? Or are they going cheap? There seems to be no public info. @dens@dinakaplan Dec 12FavoriteRetweetReply in reply to @paramendra@dinakaplan
Dina Kaplan@paramendra@foursquare@bliptv there is - send angelaATblipDOTtv an email!
Dec 12 via Twitter for AndroidFavoriteRetweetReply
FourSquare Should Rent A Stadium
December Events

Following 2700 People On Google Plus

Image via WikipediaA few weeks back I discovered this list. That gave me a start of sorts on Google Plus, even though I still don't show up daily like I do on Facebook and Twitter and Gmail of course.

It is like I signed up for Tumblr early, not long after it was launched, because I read about it in the news. And then I forgot about it. When someone convinced me to "get on Tumblr" I believe in February 2010, when I went to sign up, there already was a user by that name, and that was me. But Tumblr for me took off when I came across a list by David Noel. I ended up following most people on the list. These were tech entrepreneurs and VCs.

I have gone passive on Tumblr since summer. I still reblog once in a while, but I probably came across the tumblog post somewhere else. My primary blogs hosted on Blogger still feed into my Tumblr, so I still provide fresh content.

When I show up on Google Plus, my stream always surprises me. I follow so many great quality people. If I…

FourSquare Should Rent A Stadium

Paramendra Bhagat Are there @foursquare and @bliptv holiday parties this year? Or are they going cheap? There seems to be no public info. @dens@dinakaplan
Dec 11 via webFavoriteRetweetReply paramendraParamendra Bhagat Are there @foursquare and @bliptv holiday parties this year? Or are they going cheap? There seems to be no public info. @dens@dinakaplan Dec 11

Twitter Is Seeing Rebirth


PlanCast's Facebook, Twitter, EventBrite, MeetUp Integrations

Image via CrunchBaseI have stayed on a lookout for Holiday parties and today I was looking around PlanCast and I just so happened by the Settings page. And I got impressed. This might not be a new thing, but it is new to me. Now my MeetUp RSVPs and EventBrite RSVPs and my Facebook Events automatically show up in my PlanCast timeline. I dig that. PlanCast is now going to be more useful to me.

The page now also lets me automatically follow my Twitter and Facebook friends who might also be on PlanCast, and when I saw that I was a little hesitant because I have lots of Twitter friends. But then I decided to go for it. Because if you are on Twitter, and if you either follow me or are followed by me, and if you are also signed up for PlanCast, that is a lot of filters. That is like saying if you are at a tech event and you come across someone who does not have a Twitter handle that person is probably not worth networking with.

And my connections on PlanCast ballooned by about 700 people r…

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Being Able To Embed Tweets Is A Revolution

I have been blaming Evan Williams for this the entire time. He ousted Jack Dorsey, and I can't even freaking embed tweets in my blog posts. I mean, I can. There are services like Embedly. But they generate five hectares of code. A tweet is not more complex than a video clip, and YouTube generates one line of code for you to embed video clips from YouTube. Embedding a tweet should feel as effortless as retweeting. A tweet is a unit, and that unit you should be able to carry with you.

I still don't have it yet. I guess they are going to take their sweet time to roll it. Maybe days. Maybe weeks. But that's okay. I mean, it's not. But what you gonna do?

The Future of Computing


Blueprint For The 21st Century

Image via Wikipedia(1) Wireless, Gigabit Broadband For Seven Billion People

This needed to be the primary focus of the stimulus bill in 2009. Instead a bunch of money got poured into 20th century artifacts like roads and bridges. I don't think this will take more than 100 billion. At most. That is a small price tag if you ask me. Considering how central it is to everything else that needs to get done.

You do this and far fewer people are trying to come into America, into Europe. Educational and economic opportunities would go everywhere.

And it will pay for itself. First you build it, then you operate it, then you go ad supported, and then you sell it off, and end up making money on the whole thing. I am talking satellites, I am talking dark fiber. Do whatever it takes. The goal should be that no matter where you are on the planet, on land or water, we got you covered.

This infrastructure is key to every big problem we face today, starting with global finance. People who are tr…

US Ambassador To Nepal On Facebook

It started here. That took me to here. And to here.

This is the US ambassador to Nepal using Facebook to step right into a controversy. If all US ambassadors did this, Wikileaks might go irrelevant, like I said in a comment. By now I have left four comments. My latest comment is as follows.
(1) Biotechnology is like software, like nanotechnology, like green/clean energy. A country that wishes to go into the future can not be saying no to any of those. That is not me saying a big yes to Monsanto. Monsanto is just one company, although a big, influential one, and some might say a little notorious.

(2) Hybrid seeds are not news. Nepal has been using hybrid seeds for a long time now. But I must admit the kind of hybrids Monsanto seems to have in mind are leaps and bounds beyond what Nepal has been using so far.

(3) A new medicine sometimes is not what it was thought to be. But that is no argument against medical progress. Hybrid seeds can have and have had drastic eco consequences. Tha…

Silicon Valley Fight Club


December Events

Image via WikipediaZaarlys Holiday Party at Fontanas
Thursday, December 8, 6:30 PM
105 Eldridge Street
B/D Grand St

Purpose Holiday Party
Friday, December 9, 2011 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
224 Centre Street, 6th Floor
4/6/N/Q/Z Canal St

Young New Yorkers’ Chorus presents “NOVA! – Christmas with YNYC”
Church of Saint Mary the Virgin · Sunday, December 11, 2011, 7:30-10:30pm

Entrepreneurs Roundtable 42
Monday, December 12, 2011 from 6:15 PM to 8:30 PM
Microsoft, 1290 6th Avenue, 6th Floor
B/D/F/M Rockefeller Center

Blacks in Tech Christmas Party
Monday, December 12, 2011 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
2296 Frederick Douglass Blvd
A/B/C/D/1/2/3 125 St

Annual NYC UX Community Holiday Party
FORUM LOUNGE · Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 6:00pm

Holiday Party
Max Fish · Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 7:00pm

Women in Wirelesss Holiday Party
Roger Smith Hotel · Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 6:00pm
501 Lexington Avenue , Starlight Room

NYU ITP Winter Show!
Sunday, Dec 18 2:00 PM
NYU ITP, 721 Broadway 4th F…

When Sean Parker Took A Break From Tweeting

Image by Getty Images via @daylifeWhen Vinod Khosla Took A Break From Tweeting

Sean Parker used to tweet near daily after he finally, finally got on the service. Well, that has not been true for weeks now. And I have no idea why. But there is a strange coincidence to my tweeting him around the same time.

My Take On AirTime (3): November 13

Sunday Tickles

BestAt: The Best @'s RT @buck4itt: Wait. This is just sinking in. Herman Cain was running for president of THE COUNTRY?
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BestAt: The Best @'s RT @ineedaballrub: Name your iPod 'Titanic', plug it into the computer, "Titanic is syncing", press cancel, feel like a hero.
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