Click To Touch To Gesture And 3D

The "call me" gesture.Image via WikipediaA two dimensional screen is not what the world really looks like. The smartphone's small screen is unreal, if you think about it. But the real story there is the mobility. The screen moves as you move. The real appeal of the smartphone is actually 3D.

Touch was a big move beyond the click of the mouse. Gesture is the next step up. How smart could that gesture get? Could you pinch the air and make things happen? Could the air around you get smart?

You bet.

The screen will still come into play. A really smart screen will read you as you pinch the air.

What beyond the gesture? A squint? Things get wild at that point. The old adage about your body language speaking volumes might literally become true. And there might be unintended consequences. Typing is a conscious decision. There are flame wars and all that. But flame wars based on gestures and squints could really get out of hand.

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