Eureka Moment: The Local Library On Kindle

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...Cover via AmazonI just found out that the local library is on Kindle.

The Next Web: Amazon launches Kindle book-lending service with 11,000 US libraries

Then I proceeded to download the free Kindle app for the PC. It looks swell on my computer.

Then I went to the New York Public Library website and found out Kindle is nowhere to be seen. I can't get the library books on to my Kindle, at least not yet. I went to the Queens Library website. And I found out the same thing.

I guess news travels faster than reality.

Once this comes to be it will be like Spotify for books. So we got books and music covered. Will someone please do the same for movies? Or I might as well go ahead and pay Netflix some money.

I grew up in Nepal. We are kind of underdeveloped.

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I am still so happy about the fact that I can now get Kindle books from the library. We have been waiting a long time for this. Now if they would allow you to share a book more than once then I would be truly happy.