Google, Lunch And Child Care

I greatly appreciated the Google lunch part of my Google tour earlier in the day. Not much about my tour surprised me. I had read about much of it. But the lunch part has to be taken note of. The idea is so simple. And yet it has been revolutionary. You provide lunch for your workers right at the workplace. That raises productivity. The company makes more additional money than it spends on that lunch.

Google NYC: Lunch And Tour

I asked my host about child care. He said the Mountain View office had it, but Google NYC did not. And I mean to suggest child care falls in the lunch category. In a knowledge economy, if your workplace is not pregnancy neutral, you are saying bye bye to half the brains out there. That is like trying to win a race with one hand tied. Not a good idea.

The size of a business matters. A corner store might be able to provide lunch, but not child care. That is where child care pooling might come into play. The public sector has to kick in at some point.

The workplace of today continues to be a holdover from the industrial era, as does the education sector, as the health care sector. These things need to be redesigned for the knowledge economy.


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