436 Friend Requests On FourSquare: Accepted

Foursquare (social networking)Image via WikipediaI just went ahead and accepted 436 pending friend requests on FourSquare. For the longest time I was like, do I really want you to know where I am? And now I feel like for me social media is primarily about getting to know people I don't already know. And FourSquare is as good as any. There are people in the far corners of the planet who would like to live my New York City life vicariously, and I am cool with that, I think.

These are people from all over the country and all over the world saying hello to me. And many of them have links to their Twitter and Facebook pages from their FourSquare page. So when I do want to get to know them a little bit better, that is an option.

They reached out to me. They did that months ago, more than a year ago. But so far I was like, do I really want you to know where I am? Now I am not feeling so edgy at all. If a location check in can start a conversation, I am all for it.

This move might also mean I might start checking in on FourSquare a little more regularly than I have.

On that note I have also spotted quite a few dishes on FoodSpotting this past week. For the longest time my fascination with FoodSpotting was conceptual. It still is. But I feel the need to dig into dishes just a little more.

I am not taking these 436 friend requests on FourSquare all too personally. I think these are people simply fascinated by New York City. Heck, I am in that same boat.

And it is both ways. I think it will be fun to see what places these "friends" of mine might check into in these various cities all around the world. FourSquare is global travel the augmented reality way.

The never be alone again mantra might be more true of FourSquare than of Facebook. When people check in, it is quite a status update. They are there. It feels a little more real.

Now I just hope FourSquare makes the place pages richer over time. Some basic info, pictures, even video clips would be nice. Global travel vicariously.

And then I went ahead and did the find friends on Twitter thing and sent out friend requests to any picture that looked familiar, and anyone who seemed to have a New York address.

And then I went ahead and sent friend requests to everyone who showed up on that Twitter connect thing. What the heck. I be feasting on people.

FourSquare is still novel. People who are on FourSquare can be called "elite" in a way. Elite as in these people are in early.

And then I cleaned up the deck on Add Friends through Facebook. Then Gmail. Then Yahoo Mail.

And FourSquare was suggesting 12 people. Come on in, I said.

Okay, world, now I am ready.

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i havent tried foursquare yet but i think its worth a shot.