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Tips From Gandhi

Cover via AmazonGandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World

Change Yourself

Not only because you are now viewing your environment through new lenses of thoughts and emotions but also because the change within can allow you to take action in ways you wouldn’t have – or maybe even have thought about – while stuck in your old thought patterns. ...... the problem with changing your outer world without changing yourself is that you will still be you when you reach that change you have strived for. You will still have your flaws, anger, negativity, self-sabotaging tendencies etc. intact. ....... if you get more without having some insight into and distance from your ego it may grow more powerful. Since your ego loves to divide things, to find enemies and to create separation it may start to try to create even more problems and conflicts in your life and world.

You Are In Control

What you feel and how you react to something is always up to you. ...... You can choose your own though…

Raspberry Pound Cake


Look Familiar?


Lips Songs: Everything To Me

54 Followers On Angel List

Just realized I have 54 followers on @AngelList Impressed. How to cash this? I am not even raising money right now.less than a minute ago via Tweet Button Favorite Retweet ReplyParamendra Bhagat
@Joi Thanks for following me on @AngelList. Deeply honored.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyParamendra Bhagat

436 Friend Requests On FourSquare: Accepted

436 Friend Requests On FourSquare: Accepted

Image via WikipediaI just went ahead and accepted 436 pending friend requests on FourSquare. For the longest time I was like, do I really want you to know where I am? And now I feel like for me social media is primarily about getting to know people I don't already know. And FourSquare is as good as any. There are people in the far corners of the planet who would like to live my New York City life vicariously, and I am cool with that, I think.

These are people from all over the country and all over the world saying hello to me. And many of them have links to their Twitter and Facebook pages from their FourSquare page. So when I do want to get to know them a little bit better, that is an option.

They reached out to me. They did that months ago, more than a year ago. But so far I was like, do I really want you to know where I am? Now I am not feeling so edgy at all. If a location check in can start a conversation, I am all for it.

This move might also mean I might start checking i…

The Shoes: Wastin' Time



The New York Times Agrees

Image via CrunchBaseMy blog post on August 26: Barackface: This Is About Global Warming
Global warming is a recent phenomenon. New weather patterns are emerging. More frequent severe weather conditions are being experienced. The New York Times on August 27: Seeing Irene as Harbinger of a Change in Climate
The scale of Hurricane Irene, which could cause more extensive damage along the Eastern Seaboard than any storm in decades, is reviving an old question: are hurricanes getting worse because of human-induced climate change?
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A Week From Now: Locusts


My Hurricane Story


Hurricane Irene Eats Up My Santogold Saturday


Email: Still A Swell Medium

Whoever says email is yesterday's thing is wrong. GroupOn is 100% dependent on email. Have you noted? Just make sure people willingly gave their emails to you. And even after that make it super easy for them to unsubscribe. Email marketing only works when it is super targeted. And make it pretty.

FoodSpotting API
FoodSpotting Follows Me On Twitter
With Jeremy Frank Of FoodSpotting
FoodSpotting's Dish As Starting Point
Twitter ---> Instagram ---> FoodSpotting
Looks Like FoodSpotting Rocked Austin

Steve Jobs' Departure

Image via WikipediaIt is not exactly a departure. He will still be Chairperson. But then the Chairperson does not do day to day. He is leaving for health reasons, but he is also leaving at a time when the app looks like might be displaced by HTML5. So he gets to leave while still at the peak.

How Steve Jobs Gets Things Done
An Ode To Steve jobs
Steve Jobs Should Never Have Been Fired
Sculley: Scum
Apple: Remarkable

The New Yorker

Steve Jobs' Power: As a technology journalist, I’ve often found Jobs utterly maddening. He’s controlling and manipulative. He doesn’t like the press, and, perhaps because of that, he has long had us under his big toe. (Criticize Apple too much and you and your colleagues can lose access to the company and its products.) His ethos has always been that he knows best, and that he, not you, should have maximum control of the products you buy. The ethos of software idealists has always been something of the opposite. ...... And yet, the man is undoubtedly a genius. …

3 Perspectives


Bronx Zoo

Facebook Photo Albums: Bronx Zoo (1), Bronx Zoo (2), Bronx Zoo (3)

Google, Lunch And Child Care

I greatly appreciated the Google lunch part of my Google tour earlier in the day. Not much about my tour surprised me. I had read about much of it. But the lunch part has to be taken note of. The idea is so simple. And yet it has been revolutionary. You provide lunch for your workers right at the workplace. That raises productivity. The company makes more additional money than it spends on that lunch.

Google NYC: Lunch And Tour

I asked my host about child care. He said the Mountain View office had it, but Google NYC did not. And I mean to suggest child care falls in the lunch category. In a knowledge economy, if your workplace is not pregnancy neutral, you are saying bye bye to half the brains out there. That is like trying to win a race with one hand tied. Not a good idea.

The size of a business matters. A corner store might be able to provide lunch, but not child care. That is where child care pooling might come into play. The public sector has to kick in at some point.

The workpl…


Google NYC: Lunch And Tour


The Bronx (2)


The Bronx (1)

Facebook Photo Album: The Bronx (1)

FeedBurner Messing Up

Image via CrunchBaseThese numbers were close to 3,000 on my three blogs not long back. Such "dips" have taken place before. But each previous time the numbers have bounced right back up within a day or two. This time it has been over a week and the numbers have still not bounced back. What's happening, FeedBurner?

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Seven Screens

Movie screen. TV screen. Desktop screen. Laptop screen. Tablet screen. Smartphone screen. Wristwatch screen.

Post PC Or PC Plus

Screen size is the primary way to classify, really. Each screen could come with a keyboard. A virtual keyboard is as good as a physical one. And there is no limit to how much intelligence you can add to any particular screen. (Supercomputing + Neuroscience + Nanotechnology, Adding Intelligence To The Biggest Screen: TV)

Imagine a scenario where there is ubiquitous, wireless, global one gigabit per second broadband. We as humanity basically live in this sea called the Internet. That is the first country anyone belongs to. (Tim Berners-Lee: The Internet Is Not A Country)

In such a reality the browser is your interface on all screens. And it likely would be build for one, build for all. This is post HTML5 reality you are talking about. (HTML 5 And The Small Screen)

Post PC Or PC Plus

Image via CrunchBaseWinrumors: Microsoft slams post-PC idea, claims “PC isn’t even middle aged yet”: even their most ardent admirers will not assert that they are as good as PCs at the first two verbs, create and collaborate. And that’s why one should take any reports of the death of the PC with a rather large grain of salt. Because creating and collaborating are two of the most basic human drives, and are central to the idea of the PC. They move our culture, economy and world forward. You see their fingerprints in every laboratory, startup, classroom, and community. I am in agreement with Microsoft on this one. But let me clarify. A laptop is PC. The Macbook Air is PC. The Chromebook is PC.

In my case instead of me migrating my computing to the smartphone I have migrated most of my phone calls to the free Google/Gmail/Google Voice phone on my laptop. If you have been getting many text messages from me and have been impressed with how fast I can type on the small screen, be wa…

A Brett Martin Brisket


Supercomputing + Neuroscience + Nanotechnology

This thing is looking to be pretty badass.
VentureBeat: IBM produces first working chips modeled on the human brain: so-called cognitive computing chips could one day simulate and emulate the brain’s ability to sense, perceive, interact and recognize ..... Dharmendra Modha .... is the principal investigator of the DARPA project, called Synapse (Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics, or SyNAPSE). He is also a researcher at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, Calif. ...... “This is the seed for a new generation of computers, using a combination of supercomputing, neuroscience, and nanotechnology,” Modha said in an interview with VentureBeat. ”The computers we have today are more like calculators. We want to make something like the brain. It is a sharp departure from the past.” ...... the project could turn computing on its head, overturning the conventional style of computing that has ruled since the dawn of the information age and replacing it with so…

GroupMe Anniversary Party

Just met the other GroupMe cofounder as well. This one did not recognize me!less than a minute ago via txt Favorite Retweet ReplyParamendra Bhagat
@paramendra I recognize you now!!less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet ReplyJared Hecht

Supercharging Android: 19,000 Is A Lot Of People

Image via CrunchBaseSupercharging Android

The Google workforce nearly doubles in size with this acquisition, and Google has been a pioneer of sorts in terms of corporate culture. I wonder how Google will eat and digest the Motorola workforce. It better do it with style if this acquisition is to prove magical.

This acquisition is also looking good on Apple and Steve Jobs. The idea that software and hardware has to happen in house is Steve Jobs' idea. Google just bought into that. That makes the iPhone more not less attractive. The iPhone remains the flagship smartphone. But I hope Google does one better. I believe in Android.

The Google thing to do would be to make the hardware much, much cheaper and go global in a big way. Search ads on Android should subsidize hardware costs. Cheaper will sell more. Make money on volume. Or, hey, make money from search.

Motorola on its own is too small a presence in the handset space for this move to be a major threat to the other Android hand…

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