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Image representing MySpace as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseObviously Google Plus is no Google Wave or Google Buzz. This thing has legs.

Has Google Finally Cracked Social?
Larry Page At The Helm
I Will Not Miss Eric

Fred Wilson: Why I'm Rooting For Google+
I don't think competitors kill companies and services. I think the vast majority of "deaths" are self inflicted. Facebook didn't kill MySpace and Friendster, they killed themsleves by failing to address the shortcomings of their services and their inability to respond to changing market dynamics, in some cases brought on by competitors. ...... Google+ fills a void between public and private, it serves what is likely to be an older demo less interested in hooking up or hipstering out and more interested in the social utility it provides..... Developers need more social platforms of scale. ...... Google+ has hooks for social gaming built in. That is great. ...... These social platforms are awesome to build and launch on. They give you instant distribution, instant users, instant social identity. But in a perfect world you don't want to be dependent on any single one of them. The more social platforms of scale there are, and we have a bunch now, including Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare, the better world it will be for developers.
Chris Brogan: The Google Plus 50
With a G+ account, you get unlimited photo storage on Picasa. .... With Circles (how one groups people), you control privacy in a way that makes clear and obvious sense. ...... Your “about” section is rich, robust, allows links, photos, QR codes, and more. Marketers rejoice. ...... If Google+ starts influencing Page Rank (meaning, if a link shared on G+ is weighted more than others), it’s game on for SEO/SEM. ...... If Google Music integrates into this platform the way YouTube is now, it’s a powerful entertainment media platform instantly. ...... The Android integration for G+ is strong already in these early days. If the platform does take off in a big way, this could shift mobile OS choices, and spending. ....... You don’t need Quora, if you can ask detailed questions in G+ and share them with specific Circles, etc. ....... The live video chat feature is a powerful addition to collaboration and workshifting scenarios. ....... A standalone Google+ Apps version plus Google Docs = a very powerful business collaboration environment that would trump most white label social enterprise tech easily. ........ If Google+ offered a WordPress comment integration, I would give G+ my comments in a heartbeat. ....... People keep citing the FB has 600 million, so no one’s going anywhere argument. AOL, anyone? People migrate. It happens. ....... it FEELS like big news to have Michael Dell and Mark Zuckerberg and others checking it out. ...... G+ pushes more use of Gmail. I’ve received 15 non-spam messages in 2 days from my core gmail account, after having had almost zero traffic (nonspam) for 2 years. ...... If Google integrates Calendar into + and makes it like Tungle, then social calendaring gets pretty interesting. ....... The photo display interface in Google+ is stunning ....... With Google’s ChromeOS push, plus the proliferation of Android, Google+ now becomes quite a robust integrated communications, media, and sharing layer on multiple platforms natively, plus it is supported by browsers on all other platforms. ......... Hangouts (live multi-user video chats) works with Google Translate to faciliate multi-language instant communication. Neither Skype nor Facetime do that. ....... Google+ is perfectly configured to run social customer service, if only they allowed baked in search capabilities akin to ...... It would take relatively little to integrate Google Voice into this stack in a meaningful way to add SMS to this, plus GTalk already does voice and video 1-to-1. ....... I don’t think that Blogger integration would improve G+. WordPress has won that war, though Blogger is still serviceable and people still like it. ....... G+ also won’t replace blogging, such as it is, but not unlike the decline in blogging frequency after Twitter and FB became more popular, G+ makes is really easy to see how you could do the same things inside G+ and maybe get more traction. ......... Twitter makes a cleaner “newsroom” feel, but G+ has many more methods to tell and deliver a story. ....... G+ on an Android Tablet is pretty darned good. ...... If you enable location on your mobile device, G+ creates circles by “nearby,” thus allowing for instant location-centric social networks. ....... If G+ did something special with QR and empowered more location-focused media delivery, then you’d have a powerful media/marketing opportunity right there. ...... G+ could enable some really interesting multi-format publishing if you turn it around: mix audio, video, photo, text, link, and location data into a “package” or a “project,” and you’ve got a powerful digital publishing platform. ......... How long before we see our first Hangout live music “jam?” That’s one record button away from being supercool. And one “name your price” Google Checkout tweak away from being instant micro content for sale. ....... If Google Places integrated with G+ and one were using the mobile/nearby functionality, interesting “migratory” graphs suddenly become a new datapoint ........ If I can move a Google Presentation into my stream, then I can share business information in a valuable in-system way. ........ Google+ needs a “sticky” post for streams, so that we can hang a daily status or special update on our stream/profile for the whole day. ........ When Google+ gets off-site sharing and/or bookmarking abilities, plus when it integrates a URL shortener with stats built in, kapow. ....... If users could add themselves to “public” or “member’s only” circles, Google+ would make the ultimate conference attendee/participant tool, almost as-is. ...... Google+ would be the ultimate environment for ethical affiliate marketing, if the concept of “objects” or “things” existed. Meaning, if I could say, “I’m enjoying my new !TDK Boombox! today,” and that use of !! became a link that paid me a few bucks if someone bought a TDK boombox after my recommendation, that would be nifty for some. ...... Small Businesses would benefit from an integration of Places, Pages, and Google Plus. That whole social customer service movement? Pow. Done. Easy.
ReadWriteWeb: Google Plus: Is This the Social Tool Schools Have Been Waiting For?
There seem to be three forces at play when it comes to education and social media. The first is a lack of force ....... The first reaction among many educators is that Google+ could work well. ...... better student collaboration through Circles, opportunities for blended learning (a combination of offline and online instruction) with Hangouts, project research with Sparks, and easier school public relations with targeted photo-sharing, updates, and messaging. ........ it may well be the granular level of privacy afforded by Google+ that is the key to making this a successful tool for schools. ...... many schools and teachers have still been reluctant to "friend" students or use the social networking site for educational purposes. ....... it may be Hangouts that have educators most intrigued. Skype has become an incredibly popular tool to bring in guests to a classroom via video chat - so much so that Skype has launched a service to help match interested teachers and classrooms. But as those weighing a move to a Google Chromebook are quick to discover: Skype isn't a Web app. Hangouts, on the other hand, is, and many teachers are already talking about the possibility of not just face-to-face video conversation but the potential for integration of whiteboards, screen-sharing, Google Docs, and other collaborative tools. ......... the possibilities for having a place where students and teachers alike can embrace "the social" and collaborate in the classroom, at home, across the school, and with others around the world.
ReadWriteWeb: Google Analytics Starts Getting Social With +1 Button Data
a new report in Google Analytics called Social Engagement demonstrates the impact made on your site traffic by not only +1's, but also tweets and Facebook likes.
Google Analytics: +1 reporting in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics
The +1 button and the Google+ project are both about making it easier to connect with the people you trust online. For the +1 button, that means bringing advice from trusted friends and contacts right into Google search, letting the users who love your web content recommend it at the moment of decision.
Mashable: What MySpace’s Tom Anderson Thinks of Google+
Tom Anderson, best known as the default friend on MySpace during its early years, co-founded MySpace with Chris DeWolfe in 2003. ..... Anderson thinks Google has the opportunity to truly realize his original vision. “Google+ really seems to be primed to make good on that original premise — that everything gets better when it’s social. And unlike [Facebook], Twitter, or anyone else, Google already has the most advanced set of products. And if I can clearly see where this is headed, then I think what we are getting is a much better Google.” ...... Can you start to see/imagine what Google+ does for Gmail? Picassa? Youtube? Not to mention search? The +1 system that Google now has control of (unlike Facebook Likes) can really influence and change the nature of their search. ....... When Yahoo launched 360, MSN launched Spaces, and Google launched Okrut, I was shakin in my boots. But quickly I saw that it’s really hard to layer in social to features after the fact. At MySpace we had the luxury of having social first, and building the products on top of that layer. Then I choked and Facebook realized that vision. ;-)
TechCrunch: Facebook Engineers Build Google+ Inspired Facebook Hack
have flipped the switch and taken inspiration from the novel Google Circles design with Circlehack, a much simpler tool to build Facebook Friend lists...... Right now the only way you can create lists on Facebook is by going to the Friends page, clicking on the Account drop down menu, then clicking on “Edit Friends” and then again on “Create a List” and a bunch of other cumbersome stuff.
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