What's Up With Pictures?

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Image representing Instagram as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBasePictures are all the rage, and Instagram deserves much credit. True, Facebook already had billions of pictures before Instagram even showed but with Facebook people thought - with the exception of Fred Wilson - it was a social network rather than a photo sharing site. With Instagram the facade was gone.

There is just something about pictures. The old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words might be true. Something tells me that even after the world might have moved on to gigabit speeds, pictures will still rule. Because a picture is respectful. You know going in that it need not be more than a split second experience. But a 30 second video is a time commitment. And so the picture will hold its ground even as bandwidth goes up. Actually pictures might expand ground. As the bandwidth expands, people might share more and more pictures. Go figure.

Talking about pictures, one of the unnoticed pivots in the industry has been FourSquare going into pictures in a major way. But Instagram still has a leg up and is on schedule to overtake FourSquare because just like the check in is the starting point of the FourSquare experience, but that is not true of Facebook, with Instagram the picture is the be all end all. The picture is not FourSquare's starting point.

Twitter wanting to do pictures is Twitter being a little late to the game but, hey, better late than never.
TechCrunch: Twitter Is Launching Its Own Photosharing Service: the Twitpics and Yfrogs of the world can just give it up now
Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase
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