Social Media More So Than Social Gaming

Image representing Tumblr as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseKevin Slavin Sold His Company To Zynga
Meeting Kevin Slavin: Tumblr's Brilliance

In my leisurely talk with Kevin Slavin yesterday, we touched upon many topics. On my part I was very eager to get out of him the Area/Code story. And I did. He relayed how it was two people for a year. And how they grew organically for a few good years until they got bought by Zynga, and now his team is Zynga's New York City branch.

And of course we talked microfinance a bunch, which is why we were meeting in the first place. Here was a social gaming master. And so I brought up the topic of putting social gaming to the service of microfinance. And he said he was not so sure gaming was a good fit for microfinance.

We both agreed social media can play a much larger role than social gaming when it came to microfinance.

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