On A Bike

On a bike you see a different city.

I biked along Broadway, across the Williamsburg Bridge, straight to 8th Avenue, then up north on 8th, into Central Park, made a few circles, then came down 7th Avenue, then down Broadway from Times Square, then down 5th Avenue from Madison Square Park, then a few lefts, and back across Williamsburg Bridge.

A few blocks from Williamsburg Bridge one black dude remarked: "First time I seen a biker stop for a black male!"

I had not even seen them until then. I had just stopped, waiting for my turn to cross the road.

I waved as I sped away.

Biking through the city was a serene feeling. The best part was going up on 8th Avenue for as long as the bike lane had been painted green, and then it got wild close to 40th Street.

Biking is like walking - the exercise, the sight seeing - only faster.

I almost ran into a cab door. Some dude abruptly opened the cab door when I was almost next to the cab. I managed to avoid.

I had no plans to cross into Manhattan when I got the bike out: borrowed bike.

It was tremendous fun.

Going biking for the next few hours across Brooklyn/Queens. Borrowed bike. Thanks Bhawani. #nycless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Need to find a new place to live by tomorrow. Don't have a place yet. Funny how it always works out just fine. #nycless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


dMonyx said…
Word on the observations from the bicycle. I am a lover of city bike rides... the breeze, the buildings and people going by, the feeling of freedom while being especially rooted in the street-scape. Love it. I usually bike Lexington, but recently I biked Toronto and Chicago in the same week. Wow. The energy beauty, and life. Cities are alive!

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