My Favorite Thing About America

New York City Subway R TrainImage by NYCUrbanScape via FlickrMy absolutely, absolutely favorite thing about America by a wide margin are biracial and multiracial people with active, vibrant ties to their various heritages. And I have been saying this for almost a decade.

The New York City Subway

I used to say number two would be broadband. Number three would be New York City. But then that goes without saying. NYC is hometown for life. I have been everywhere in America, and I mean literally everywhere. When I look at a map of the US I see what you see when you look at the NYC subway map, if you have been many places in this city many times.

Hitting The Road

Just like I have been everywhere in America, I want to have gone everywhere in the world, but I need to put a few years to get my startups off the ground, first things first. And then global travel with broadband-always is going to be how I spend a few months every year. My microfinance outfit would demand something like that. There are somethings that you just have to see. Google Earth does not quite cut it.

My Web Diagram
The Google/Facebook Of Microfinance

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