Thursday, June 16, 2011

Music Places

Recently I have taken to listening to a whole bunch of music on Tumblr.

The Music Tag On Tumblr

Some great places to go for music are these, in no particular order.

World Singles Chart
Song Of The Day

Two Hall of Famers would be Soraya Darabi and Fred Wilson, people who stand out in the NY tech ecosystem regardless, but I don't think that is accidental, great thinking in tech seems to go hand in hand with voracious consumption of good music. So listen: listen. They have great taste. They are both addicted to music.

Fred Wilson, Soraya Darabi: Both Crazy About Music
Soraya Darabi
A Surprising Blog Post From Fred Wilson

Soraya Darabi: Last.FM
FredWilson.FM (My first reaction to this was that this was a vanity URL)

Fred Wilson: DJ

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