Lytro: A High End Product?

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Hi Paramendra, I personally really like the photo with the martial artists and the sword. The dimension you get is really intriguing. Although your photo is of course great, too. I know what you mean about not carrying a camera around always because they can be so bulky; I’m really trying to remember mine more often because I often see pretty things in nature that I want to capture. The Lytro tech seems really awesome for people who need a little help taking professional-quality photos, but I don’t think most people will be able to afford it if it’s too expensive. The CEO Ng said it will cost under $10k, which is obviously way too much for most people, so it will be interesting to see if the company prices it for the consumer since they said it’s supposed to be for the consumer market. I wanted to share this video on the Lytro tech with you. I think you’ll appreciate how it analyzes news coverage from different sources to show various perspectives on the impact the cameras will make. I hope you’ll consider embedding the video in your post. Thanks, Kate (comment left to this Lytro blog post from earlier)
It takes a white woman to drive an Asian to his senses. What was I thinking? The founders of both Color and Lytro are "Asian." I need to be rooting for them. Every attack on Carol Bartz is an attack on Jerry Yang.

China is an entire continent. India is probably two continents. But in the strange world of American race relations you get lumped into one. When I was traveling through the American hinterland, often times in small towns I would meet people who would spurt out the name of that one Indian friend they had. Did I know the person?

But look closely, I did not dismiss Color.

The Color Social Graph Might Work Better For Books, Movies, Music

As early as April 4 I said Color's primary potential might not be in picture taking, it might be more so in its social graph, the transient social graph that you don't actively manage. And now there is news Color is actively pivoting.

Am I capable of tough love or what?

Recently I also surmised that GroupOn might be the Lycos of daily deals, because a 50% cut is a lot to take.

Rocky Agrawal's Take On GroupOn
What Fascinates Me About GroupOn
18 Months Ago GroupOn Did Not Exist

GroupOn, Color, and Lytro are revolutionary products. I have always felt that. But that is not to say they will have to go through the first few drafts to get it right. Right now Lytro comes across as those early Apple computers: hugely expensive. 10,000 dollars for a camera? Please count me out. But keep me on your mailing list.
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