Just Watched Amitabh's Deewar For The First Time

Just watched Amitabh's Deewar for the first time, I am surprised I had not seen it already.

Amitabh Bachchan: Deewar

I mean, I don't believe this. I grew up watching this dude. I am his evergreen fan. I don't think I have ever watched a full Paul Newman movie, and if I did I probably watched it when I had no idea who he was, maybe I have watched one, but I don't remember, but I have seen Americans revere Paul Newman. And recently I left a comment at TechCrunch.

Lincoln is like Gandhi. Paul Newsman is like Amitabh Bachchan, correct?

Deewar was Amitabh's first hit. Otherwise he had been struggling in the industry for years, he had given flop after flop. And this movie became a super hit and he never looked back. He has ruled Bollywood for three and a half decades since.

You should watch it. They have put the full movie on YouTube and it comes with English subtitles.

I mean, how did I miss it? I have known the storyline forever, I have known the name forever. I have known its famous lines forever. Beats me.

Amitabh is not only the most amazing actor that ever lived, he is also an amazing human being, and the two perhaps go together. He is the most recognized face on the planet, and don't think it is because India has a lot of people. China has more. People watch him across Africa, in Russia, you name it. The most famous person on the planet handles fame better than anyone else I know. And he is the ultimate family man. His wife Jaya was a big shot actress in the industry when he was a struggling actor. I happen to think she is a better actor than him in the early movies they did together.

Here are some other full length Amitabh movies I found on YouTube. There must be more.

The Great Gambler
Satte Pe Satta

I have not seen these last two, Ek Ajnabee, and Shoot Out At Lokhandwala, which I am proceeding to do right now.