Google And Venture Capital

Image representing HubSpot as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseThere is an interesting post at the blog On StartUps by Brad Coffey, an early employee at HubSpot.

He argues that Google might be upto disrupting the venture capital game like it has disrupted many other paradigms and industries. I don't doubt that assertion. The debate is as to what degree and in what ways and for how long.

Brad says Google Ventures provides engineering support in the form of "engineering scale consulting, UX/UI design research, and engineer recruiting aid." It has a brand name that no other VC firm has, curiously true. Over a million people send resumes to Google every year. The startups funded by Google Ventures get to peak into that pool. The first company to access the Google Places API was one funded by Google Ventures. Google is innovating in the deal flow space. It is smart people who run Google Ventures.
Brad Coffey: Will Google Ventures Disrupt Venture Capital?: The VC industry is undergoing some massive changes and is in the process of being disrupted by a new breed of investors that are attacking the edges of the market and competing with a new, differentiated approach. ...... Google has a history of reinventing industries and questioning conventional wisdom – and they’re trying to do it again with their approach 
Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseto venture capital. ...... Engineering Support - This is the most unique and fascinating aspect of Google Ventures. Unlike most venture firms that compete on brand and ‘expertise’, Google Ventures has a unique – engineering focused - set of support they provide entrepreneurs ....... Compare that to the traditional pitch of VCs centered on a softer set of business model expertise and professional networking.
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