The SimpleGeo Promise

Image representing SimpleGeo as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBaseBefore Einstein the world was 3D. There were the three dimensions of space: length, breadth, height, the usual suspects. You could argue Euclid's world was 2D. Well, old man Einstein came along, and added the time dimension to the equation. And that had huge implications, humongous huge.

I think that whole metaphor is a great way to try to understand contemporary web tech. I just read the name SimpleGeo in a tweet and I saw its promise. I had heard of it before, I think I might even have read a TechCrunch article on it months back.

The stream - first seen on Twitter, later on Facebook - is adding the time dimension to the 2D of the screen. Location is going 3D. And it is both local and global. Social is dynamic 2D geometry as long as it is on the big screen:
German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein.Image via Wikipedia
Many many permutations and combinations are possible. I think it is going to be hard to keep up with all the amazing companies that will get built over the years. No, this is not a bubble. This is the boom we have been waiting for.

Global, local, social, mobile.

This 3D, 4D talk is akin to my fractals talk. They help me see things. They help me figure out much of the tech action.
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