The Mad Dash To Ubiquity

Visualization of the various routes through a ...Image via WikipediaWe want to capture every gesture of everybody, we want to capture every flickr of every thought in every mind. What's up with us? That mad dash to ubiquity is very appealing to me for its democratic promise. Every person counts.

When I was working towards my IC - the Internet Computer - vision a few years back, I did not realize how fast the goal would be reached, largely without me. I mean, we are not there yet. But the pace is rather fast. The mobile phone penetration globally is amazing.

When a poet looks at a leaf, she looks at it afresh. And so it is not like when you look at something a second time, you see the same thing.

Our capacity for content creation has gone way up, way, way up. And there is no stopping the mad dash to ubiquity. We will find ever more ways to create content. And we will find ever more ways to search for content. That is the ying yang of the web, content and search, content and search.
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