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I have been meaning to write a post on this article in some Australian newspaper, and this conference happened in NYC already before I got around to it. The word that kept coming to my mind was radical.

ANTS in my scanner > a five years time-lapse! from françois vautier on Vimeo.

"I installed an ant colony inside my scanner five years ago. I scanned the nest each week..."
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News.Com.Au: Soraya Darabi - social media is becoming less social
At the age of 23, she was appointed head of social media at The New York Times...... There are few people in the world who are better qualified to speak with authority about the cutting edge of the web. ..... So why does Ms Darabi still miss Friendster, the social networking website that launched in 2002? ...... "social media" was becoming less social. ..... "People are becoming much more cautious and much more professional online on social platforms ...... "Some argue (that's) taking the fun out of it and maybe removing the word 'social' from the experience. Now they're just communication platforms or networks." ...... Ms Darabi said one of the most "interesting and provocative" questions today was about the ways in which people controlled their personalities online. "For instance, my personality on Facebook is very different from my personality on Twitter," she said. ....... "On both platforms I find myself shilling things that I like, or companies that my friends have started, because I recognise that I'm speaking to a pretty influential crowd. ...... "That's not as much fun as at college, when I was signing up for my first Friendster and then MySpace profile, and maybe five people followed me, but I felt like I could say anything I wanted. "I kind of miss those days of complete and total freedom." ....... "I think a lot of brands have made it clear if you post something negative about the company for which you work, or you're a journalist and very clearly greying the lines between editorial and marketing, there are some real consequences. ..... "Every brand that has an open social media policy will have touchy pain points, when employees maybe take the liberty they're given a little too far. .... "That said, I think it's important for everyone to take off their training wheels at the same time and make mistakes in unison...... the tension between personal and professional identities — what she calls the "personal-professional hybrid" ....... "I think all media is social. I don't think 'social media' really exists anymore as a term" ...... "When people say 'social media', they're thinking of sites as vastly different as Twitter, which I think of as a search platform now and a breaking news platform and communication network. .... "And then they're thinking of YouTube, which I think of as a video network, and again a search platform, but specifically for infotainment. .... "Facebook is altogether different from those platforms. Facebook is your identity on the internet. It's the Yellow Pages of the internet. It's here to stay. ..... "Everything (on Facebook) is so much larger than other sites we compare social media companies to that it's not a fair comparison." ...... As for how businesses should engage with customers on sites like Twitter and Facebook, Ms Darabi said the rules hadn't changed — just the platform. ...... "It's keeping an ear to the ground about what the community is saying and (realising) the community was always talking about the business in this way, whether it was through word of mouth or online community forums 10 years ago, or on blogs five years ago, or on Twitter today. .... "People have always said positive and negative things about the brands they consume."
Missing Friendster is a radical notion. Nobody but nobody misses Friendster. But if she also misses MySpace, there's gonna be problems. ;-) You are so not supposed to miss MySpace. You are supposed to forget the spelling of the damn thing.

And the recommendations.
"@Brainpicker, a woman called Maria Popova. She's a friend of mine, for full transparency," Ms Darabi said.
"She's awesome. She writes at Wired UK and I just think she has the best links out there.
"She adds so much value to the platform, she just puts me to shame. I'm like 'urgh, I have nothing interesting to say', because everything she finds is interesting."
Number two?
"@Diplo, the artist and the DJ. He is hysterical on Twitter!," Ms Darabi said.
"He tweeted from behind bars once from a suburban New Jersey jail after being arrested for a DUI and I give him mad props for being the funniest person on Twitter.
"Also, everything he writes is nonsensical and I appreciate that."
Mark Bittman (@bittman), a food writer for The New York Times, takes out the number three spot on Ms Darabi's list.
"He writes about cooking at home and healthy recipes and interesting news about the food industry," she said.
"I really enjoy his take and his thoughts and also I helped him set up his Twitter account so I also have a personal fondness for that."
The fourth spot hits a little closer to home with Ms Darabi listing her sister, Leila Darabi, as one of her favourite people to follow.
"Her handle is @everydaytrash," Ms Darabi said.
"She writes about trash politics but mostly she’s my sister and I think going back to the point of these social platforms — you can follow a brand, you can follow an institution, you can follow a reporter, you can follow your family.
"I like following my sister."
Coming in at number five is actress Mindy Kaling of the US version of The Office, who tweets as @mindykaling.
"She is hysterical on Twitter," said Ms Darabi.
"I never thought there was somebody out there that had my same sense of humour until I started following her.
"Everything she writes makes me laugh."
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