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I just got back from an amazing event. I don't know where it was, as in I can't tell you the name of the neighborhood, but it was walking distance to me, 40 minutes one way. I am on the L line. Walking was faster than taking the train through some kind of a circuitous route, and on a day like this, I mean.

This poster was the theme poster for the event, and I did not need any more convincing. I did 1300 squats yesterday and practiced a few kicks of my own.

But the event was nothing to do with martial arts, and I knew that going in. The guy who organized the whole thing came over to share a few comments about this blog of mine. He said it was "crazy." He thought mixing music and tech into one blog was a volatile situation. You know, I had never thought of it that way. He did not click around long enough to realize I also throw some Bollywood into the mix. That would have really made him sit up.

The weather outside was breathtaking. They even served food. Although I had just had lunch, I helped myself to what felt like a second lunch. The food was so good. Met some great people. There was this young woman sitting to my front and left. She said she was from England, but now lives in the city, does PR, based in Chelsea. I bet she took the train.

It was an eclectic mix of people. Some cool projects were presented. The woman sitting to my right had a Masters in Fine Arts in film and was in the industry. She did makeup. I asked her if she had met anyone famous. She mentioned the names of two rap artists. Then she mentioned an actress who had won an Academy Award. I had not heard of any of them. They must be on TV. I have never owned a TV.

The final presentation was from this dude who was getting people to show up at his dance studio. He had me and two women put on this device that showed how many calories you burned. And the music was turned on. I did not even move that much. But I won. Apparently I got a "free massage." But I got nothing, no voucher, nothing like that. I guess I was supposed to remember the street address of the place, which I don't. Oh well, there goes a missed opportunity. For the record, I give great massages. I once sent someone to sleep with a neck rub.

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