Huge Wind Turbine

"You could fit the entire infield and outfield of Yankee stadium inside the area that this enormous machine sweeps. Twice!"

The 164-meter (538-foot) rotor is enormous. By comparison, the Washington Monument is 169 meters tall, and was the tallest building in the world when completed in 1884. Four 747s parked nose to nose would easily fit inside its massive swept area of 21,124 square meters. Or for baseball fans: you could fit the entire infield and outfield of Yankee stadium inside this rotor. Twice. ..... the V164 is expected to produce 750 times as much energy as the V10. ...... The U.K. is already number one in the world in wind energy capacity with over 1,300 MW installed and another 1,100 MW under construction. But this is just the beginning. The government's policy is to meet 20 percent of its electrical needs with wind by 2020, and about 35 percent with wind by 2030. ........ a typical nuclear power plant is 1,000 MW and the largest coal-fired power plant in the world, Nanticoke Generating Station, in Ontario, Canada, puts a maximum of 3,640 MW. ....... Two years ago, it was anything but clear. Some argued that nuclear was the best option; others argued for onshore wind or other options. But in the national conversation about Britain's energy future, it became clear to the majority that as North Sea oil and gas fade away, the best option was to replace North Sea oil and gas with North Sea wind -- domestic, clean and job-producing. ...... Britain is quickly becoming the global center of knowledge for offshore wind: blade technology, testing labs, tower factories, gearbox factories, generators, erecting ships, cable-laying vessels, port facilities. Many thousands of high-end jobs will be created