A Data Plan Is All You Should Need

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseYou pay 30 bucks a month, and that is your data plan. And it is good for your smartphone, it is good for your tablet, it is good for your laptop, one data plan for all. The data plan should cover voice and text messaging. Skype ought to morph, Google Voice ought to morph into smartphone apps that make irrelevant the traditional phone number. Landlines are gone, phone numbers should go too.

Could Skype Be Microsoft's YouTube?
Image representing Google Voice as depicted in...Image via CrunchBase
The plan should be 30 bucks a month. And if your speed does not double every two years, the company providing the data plan should declare bankruptcy. The only calling plan that should be allowed is the unlimited calling plan, and that too for a limited period.
New York Times: Skype-Style Calls Force Wireless Carriers to Adapt: someday there will be no minutes to run out of — just megabytes. ..... all mobile services, including text messages and voice and video calls, will travel over data networks. ...... Services like Skype can cut into the carriers’ revenues because they offer easy ways to make phone calls, videoconference and send messages free over the Internet, encroaching on the ways that phone companies have traditionally made money. ..... Now the wireless carriers are looking for new ways to make money based on mobile broadband and applications, rather than voice minutes. ....... Microsoft .... hopes to revitalize itself by creating innovative software for smartphones and tablets, with Skype’s services built in. ....... WhatsApp, Kik, GroupMe and textPlus, allow people to send messages over data networks, sidestepping the cost of sending and receiving standard text messages. ....... Apple, Facebook and Google are making services available that traditionally only carriers could offer. Google, like Skype, offers ways to make free phone and video calls over the Internet. Apple lets iPhone owners make video calls. ........ revenue from voice services has dropped steadily as carriers have move toward unlimited calling plans to stay competitive with one another ...... voice revenue has declined 7 percent over the last four years, while data revenue has soared 132 percent
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