Brett Martin Of Sonar

So there is this guy called Brett Martin.

He looks like the actor Matthew McConaughey.

He presented his app Sonar at the TechCrunch Disrupt. We exchanged a few tweets and a few emails. The guy is buying me lunch during Internet Week.

I am so looking forward to Internet Week but I have not had the time to go down the schedule to pick the events I want to go to. I'd like to believe I have some time. Hope they don't all get filled up. Or maybe I should do that today, go down the list and RSVP to all the events I wish to go to.

Sonar: How Whales Roll: Mike Arrington My Sonar Friend

Brett: Let's grab breakfast during internet week. How about 9am on weds the 8th at the grey dog cafe on carmine in the wet village? Open to other ideas, unfortunately I haven't made my schedule for that week yet.

Me: we will do something one on one during internet week
right now i don't know what

Brett: OK, you LMK. I really liked your analysis and would like to treat you out to lunch.

Me: u want to buy me lunch?
ha ha
i blogged about sonar b/c it is an exciting proposition
Matthew McConaugheyImage via Wikipediait has the potential to be the leader in that hyperlocal space

i will let you buy me lunch if you will keep it to around 5 bucks, not more
dumplings at Joe's Shanghai in Chinatown ----- 6 bucks

i have not looked at the internet week schedule yet, but i am in mind to do as many events as possible
so once i have my to do list ready ----- then i'd like to fit in lunch ---- hope i am not sounding "difficult"
i mean, i'd love to meet and u know that already


Brett: ha, 5 dollars for 60 minutes of you thinking on my problems is a great deal.

Looking forward to soup dumplings- they are amazing.

Me: 60 minutes (or more) to get to know and become friends with an
interesting dude who just might be on to the next big thing, and HE is
buying lunch?
great deal :-)
i'd love to blog about sonar again -------

@paramendra thanks for the kind words about @sonarme . swing by our booth , i'd love to meet you in person.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

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