Apple: Trillion Dollar Company?

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Yahoo Finance: Apple Will Become A Trillion-Dollar Company, Says Altucher — $1,000 a Share: Apple recently blew past Microsoft, Cisco, and other companies to become the most valuable tech company in the world. But that's just the beginning, says investor James Altucher of Formula Capital....... Altucher thinks Apple will eventually be worth more than $1 trillion, maybe even $2-$3 trillion. ...... the company's global market share in its key markets--smart-phones, tablets, and Macs--is still very low. Also, factoring out Apple's massive $65 billion pile of cash, the stock is trading at a low price-earnings multiple.
Apple is not going to be a trillion dollar company. That is too much extrapolation. This trillion dollar talk reminds me of the singularity talk, that is yet another case of too much extrapolation.

If I run five miles per hour today and six miles per hour tomorrow, then you could extrapolate that and say in so many days I could run 60 milers per hour and you would be wrong.

Android is already eating Apple's smartphone lunch. The same thing is going to happen to the tablet.

Apple could end up at 400 billion, maybe. But a trillion? I don't see that happening.

And then there is the elephant in the room: Steve Jobs. The guy is in frail health. Apple minus Steve Jobs is not the same company, it is not even Apple.

This guy Altucher obviously loves his iPad, he owns three of them. Many people love their iPads. But to go from there to three trillion? Come on, have some perspective.
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