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No Alzheimer’s For Me

New York Times: The Bilingual Advantage: the regular use of two languages appears to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.

Pinging Hussein Kanji (2)


Pinging Hussein Kanji


Hilary Rowland

One thing to admire about Hilary Rowland is she started really young as an entrepreneur - maybe 17 - and she has grown her small business empire organically. That speaks to me a lot because my tech startup - at least one of it - is very much in that organic growth mode.

Open Coffee MeetUp: New Location

The Mother Of All Twitter Lists

I follow too many people on Twitter - 45,000? - for my Twitter stream to make any sense to me. I will log in and before I click on the Mention button - the Twitter inbox - I will glance through the first few tweets in my steam, and sometimes I will find a snarky comment from someone - Having Coffee - that I will retweet and then I am done. That is not to say I don't want to follow people. I have gone to great lengths to build my lists on Twitter. I add people to my lists every day, most days.

But there are a few problems. Twitter allows you to create only 20 lists. I don't get it. Why is 20 such a magic number? Why not 30? Why not 40? Or 25?

What Fascinates Me About GroupOn

Image by smemon87 via FlickrOf all the tech companies out there, the one that most fascinates me is GroupOn. It speaks to me. Its emphasis on people action, and its emphasis on words - cute emails - are really something. Of all the tech companies out there, the one that I find most inspiring in terms of what I would want to do with my microfinance startup, GroupOn stands out. You focus on a few basic human actions, and you go for it. You splurge.

I also like how fast they have grown. They were not here at all. And suddenly they are everywhere.

This blog post explains where I think group dynamics stand on the tech map: front and center.

My Web Diagram

GroupOn is the web maturing to land in the human domain, in the flesh.

Live Nation And GroupOn: That Offline Component
18 Months Ago GroupOn Did Not Exist
GroupOn's Legacy: Cute Email?
Image via WikipediaGroupOn, Zappos, And The Non Tech Components
GroupOn Did Not Launch At South By South West
GroupOn Did The Right Thing
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The Internet Week: The Thing To Do

Image via WikipediaI think you show up less to soak up the knowledge and more to meet people. And I just discovered something that makes Internet Week look like a better deal than Social Media Week. For the most part you stick to one location. Get a 15 dollar pass, and stick to one location.

125 W. 18th Street

The Internet Week Is Mumbojumbo


Where Social and Impact Intersect: Lessons for Brands
01:00 PM — 01:50 PM
Official IWNY Ford Opening Party with music by
07:00 PM — 10:00 PM
OMMA's Tablet Revolution
08:00 AM — 05:00 PM
Digital Archaeology
10:00 AM — 06:00 PM
ShareThis & SMG present: Social Media Sharing
11:00 AM — 11:20 AM
VICE Speed Interviewing
11:00 AM — 11:50 AM
The Rise of the Daily Email Newsletter
11:30 AM — 12:20 PM
Facebook Marketing Best Practices
12:00 PM — 12:20 PM
Mobile Engagement 101
01:00 PM — 01:45 PM
The Neighborhood Experience (Beyond Hyper-Localization)
02:00 PM — 02:45 PM
Your Startup's Technology: The First 60 Days in Examples

The Internet Week Is Mumbojumbo

Image via CrunchBaseI was just at the Internet Week page. There's a lot going on. And looks like you have to pay for each event. It is not like Social Media Week which was mostly free events, or rather all free events.

First of all, there are soooo many events. You can't even browse through all just to get a glimpse.

One good option probably is to buy a pass for 15 dollars but that only covers events at one location for four days, June 6 to June 9.

I guess the arduous process is to go through all the events and be selective and go to a few events. This below is not a list of all events I am going to. These just caught my eye. And I might go to one or two that I might not mange to list today.

You read the lists of events and you realize there is so much knowledge in the blogosphere.

Monday, June 6
04:00 PM — 04:45 PM The Onion’s Team of Three
Metropolitan Pavilion
HQ Aol Broadcast Stage
125 W. 18th Street

Tuesday, June 7
06:00 PM — 09:00 PM wimlink: The Social Experience …

Liking Is For Cowards

Image via CrunchBaseMy Web Diagram
New York Times: Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts.: I’d developed trust issues with my Pearl, accountability issues, compatibility issues and even, toward the end, some doubts about my Pearl’s very sanity, until I’d finally had to admit to myself that I’d outgrown the relationship. ..... or doing that spreading-the-fingers iPhone thing that makes images get bigger ..... our technology has become extremely adept at creating products that correspond to our fantasy ideal of an erotic relationship, in which the beloved object asks for nothing and gives everything, instantly, and makes us feel all powerful, and doesn’t throw terrible scenes when it’s replaced by an even sexier object and is consigned to a drawer. ...... the ultimate goal of technology, the telos of techne, is to replace a natural world that’s indifferent to our wishes — a world of hurricanes and hardships and breakable hearts, a world of resistance — with a world so responsive to o…

Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap: Amitabh


Brett Martin Of Sonar

So there is this guy called Brett Martin.

He looks like the actor Matthew McConaughey.

He presented his app Sonar at the TechCrunch Disrupt. We exchanged a few tweets and a few emails. The guy is buying me lunch during Internet Week.

The Internet And The Emperors

Image via WikipediaI have liked what Sarkozy has done for Libya. (The Arab Revolutions And My Rethinks On Britain And France) But the guy is on the wrong side of history on the Internet. For a guy who has sought to bring American style individualism and entrepreneurship to his country, he is missing out.

Some of the rants by Sarkozy remind me of a story I read a long time ago that I just tried to look up on the Internet but was not able to find. There was this king. Some of his citizens came to him to report the river in the kingdom had flooded. Don't you worry, the king replied, I will command the river to stop flooding.

The Internet is a genie out of the bottle. That is not an argument to legalize drugs and prostitution. The opposite is true. The massive scale actions that need to be taken to tackle the biggest problems and challenges of our times can not even be imagined without the Internet. The massive data collection that we need to do to tackle global warming is about bui…

The Music Tag On Tumblr

Image by Matthew Buchanan / Flickr via CrunchBaseTumblr sucked me in somewhere along the way. I am on Tumblr pretty much every day, often times more than once a day. When I need to take time off work, I often end up on Tumblr.

A recent addition to my Tumblr experience has been the music tag. Suddenly it feels like I am reaching out to humanity. Music is the most obvious of tags. Often times I come across some music clip that I most certainly have never heard of, I might not even hear a second time, I might never have come across on my own. And I reblog. And often times I am the first person to reblog a clip by someone. And it feels like I am saying hello to strangers who could perhaps use a hello.

Music has fast become my favorite tag on Tumblr. There is always something to listen to. And I dig the randomness of the whole experience.

Gil Scott-Heron: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


Chinese Pop 2010


Bodi Bill: Pyramiding

(Via David Noel)

Immigration Court Date: June 6, 2011: Prepared Statement

Image by Barack Obama via FlickrNepali Song: Lyrics By My Immigration Lawyer
June 3 Immigration Court Date
April 22 Immigration Court Date
Lingering Detail: December 18
Hello Barack, I Was In Chicago
Request For Change Of Venue
In South Africa They Had Apartheid, In America They Got Immigration
The Dong Rule
Fred, How About Some Money?
My Non Personhood Of 2009, 2010

Look, you are not trying to figure out if Nepal is a high risk country. You have already established that on your own. Tens of thousands of Nepalis have been granted political asylum over the past few years, and hundreds continue to be granted every month. The country is going through a transition period. The civil war ended a few years back. But the country still does not have a new constitution. The law and order situation continues to be weak. Only a few weeks back a cabinet minister got stabbed multiple times right in front of his house, and the perpetrators are still at large. That is just one high profile example. Those who…

Storm Brew

(Via Nick Bilton)

This picture looks like the end of the world. A storm developing in Tornado Alley, USA: than a minute ago via Twitter for Mac Favorite Retweet ReplyNick Bilton
@nickbilton Global warming. Scary. But if you can get past the scary, it is also beautiful. If you can think of it as a painting.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyParamendra Bhagat

Chinese Pop Music


PayCheckr: Not Dead Yet

On the PayCheckr team I have felt like Ben Affleck in Armageddon. These dudes, some of them, can talk like they are past retirement age. One member of the team actually died last year. PayCheckr itself has died a few deaths. And it came back from the dead today, not for the first time. A few different times I have moved PayCheckr to the past section of my LinkedIn page. And I have had to bring it right back to the current section. Something tells me this time it might be for real.

In Fear And Faith: Relapse Collapse

(Via Eric Price)

Sia: Cloud

(Via Lauren Ching)

Phish: 46 Days

(Via Marco)


Square: Jack Dorsey's Second Act?

(Article first published as Square: Jack Dorsey's Second Act? on Technorati.)

As I was watching Jack Dorsey call cash registers "ugly" the other day at TechCrunch Disrupt, I found myself thinking, is Square Jack Dorsey's second act? Is he getting to do with Square what he was not allowed to do with Twitter?

I think so. The Founder CEO is a rare animal, but it is my favorite animal. All the trailblazing companies I know have had Founder CEOs. Twitter stands in stark contrast to Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has relentlessly pivoted, he has relentlessly added features. What used to be The Wall became The Stream. We now have a like button to press. There are Facebook Comments at blogs. Twitter, by comparison, stagnated. There has only been scaling and a little bit of monetization.

Mark Pincus Is Really Something

(Article first published as Mark Pincus is Really Something on Technorati.)

Image by Joi via FlickrMark Pincus stands out. He really does. He does not fit the stereotype. The guy is responsible for one of the fastest growing companies in history, but his past is littered with all sorts of entrepreneurial failures. To the seasoned eye, those failures were the stepping stones to his grand success, but only in December 2009 he was being pilloried by some small name journalist to whom Pincus pleaded on the air: "We go way back."

He did not drop out of college. He was not 19 or 23 when he started Zynga. He is not 20s young. He is not the most photogenic entrepreneur out there. His public appearances tend to be littered with all sorts of horror stories of him having had to deal with venture capitalists and other creatures of the tech ocean. John Doerr's firm rejected him several times, and Zynga has been better for John Doerr than Google has. Now why would John Doerr do that? I…

World’s First Seawater-Cooled Data Center: Google's


The Dong Rule

Presenting At The Dot Com Hatchery

This was a time in my life when I did not have the option to accept investment money.

My Non Personhood Of 2009, 2010

But I ended up with five minutes at the Hatchery. After I was through the Hatchery came up with a new rule called The Dong Rule. That rule would now on allow the organizers to ask a presenter to get off the stage even if their alloted time was not up yet.

Microsoft's Alliances And Acquisitions

Image via CrunchBaseForbes: Nokia’s Smartphone Chief On Microsoft Alliance, Future Windows Devices: the Finnish giant’s transition from its homegrown Symbian platform to Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system ....... The future of Nokia and, to a certain extent, of Microsoft’s mobile ambitions largely hinges on the success of the two companies’ alliance. ..... several Nokia devices were already running Mango, the latest version of Windows Phone software. ...... the first batch of Nokia Windows Phones will be a “small portfolio” of multiple devices. ...... Nokia was an early advocate for NFC, which enables phones to wirelessly exchange data such as payment information, mobile tickets, business card contacts and website links. ...... Early Nokia Windows Phones may also include a China-specific device. Microsoft allied with Nokia, the number one name in mobile phone hardware. Nokia was struggling under the onslaught of smartphones and it looked like Android was about to take ove…

Odd Future: Sandwiches


Sonar: How Whales Roll: Mike Arrington My Sonar Friend

National Geographic: Military Sonar May Give Whales the Bends, Study Says: Undersea noise from naval exercises appears to give beaked whales the bends, an ailment most commonly associated with scuba divers who rise to the ocean surface too quickly ...... Scientists for years have suspected a link between sonar activities and mass strandings of marine mammals—similar events have occurred recently in the Bahamas and Greece—but they are uncertain as to why sonar causes the animals to strand themselves. ....... They found gas bubbles in blood vessels and hemorrhaged vital organs. ..... Sonar technology, such as that used during the Cold War, was passive: essentially big microphones that listened for the distinctive sounds emitted by large submarines. ....... Environmentalists say incidences of marine mammal strandings have sharply increased since this mid-frequency sonar technology was deployed. Environmentalists are now actively opposing testing of a new technology, called low-frequency …

Passion Pit


Major Music Talent

Am I A Musician?
The Magic Letter A

@paramendra 10 Things to do right now to improve your music sales --> @TALENTHOUSELIVEless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyRonin Podesta
@Ronine581 You obviously think I am a major music talent. #music than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyParamendra Bhagat

Video Blogging Would Beat Panels And Ignite

Image via WikipediaInternet Week Fail Whale
Ignite NYC Premonitions

It is only a matter of time before I get into video blogging in a dedicated way. Video blogging, to my mind, would beat sitting on panels and presenting at Ignite, neither of which I am opposed to.

Brad Feld says he does what he does not for accolades or money, but because he has stayed curious. So maybe the lesson there is to work on being curious if you don't have the accolades and the money already. Those will follow if you stay curious. And staying curious is a reward on its own. It perhaps is the primary reward.

Fred Wilson does not like to sit on panels. He has sat on panels. But he does not like to.

JFK absolutely hated the idea of shaking hands.

To me all of that points to the promise of video blogging.

Wow Technorati

See that spike in daily income from AdSense? Almost all of it is coming from Technorati on a lazy Sunday from just one article: Microsoft's Second Act?

It is the shortest of the few posts I have done for Technorati so far. And it brought me $12 in just one day. Wow. This is my best one day return on AdSense ever.

Just when my tech startup is taking off in a way that I don't really need to make money from blogging, my blogging is also taking off looks like.

Southern Hospitality

Story 1

I showed up in Kentucky. For a few weeks I did not understand people. People did not understand me. I would ask questions in class. The professors would make me repeat a few times and give up. I spoke fast.

"Are you from New York?" someone asked me.

Never been was the correct answer.

Meet My New Friends Twin Sisters Joy And Cindy

Met them at this party last night. Talked to them for two hours. They are good people. Joy sent me a Facebook friend request on her phone in my presence. I just sent Cindy a friend request as well.

"Your name is Joy, and her name is Sydney. How come she lucked out? How come she got named after a city?" I asked. That is how the conversation began.

Organic Growth

Image via WikipediaMy Cofounder Anuj is really something. He grew from one engineer to 50 engineers over five years completely organically. They don't do angel investing in Kathmandu. Venture capitalists live on Mars, not in Kathmandu. But so far the team has worked like hired guns for clients across the world. They have done some pretty sophisticated work on top of the regular web design and development they do on an ongoing basis.

Now that we have teamed up to do a tech startup, it is quite something to watch Anuj's thought processes. He is Mr. Organic Growth. Even for the tech startup what he has in mind is organic growth. His gameplan is sound. He is not opposed to me raising money on behalf of the company. It is just that he does not see raising money as do or die. We might as well not do it. The idea of raising money is not in his universe.

BusiCopy is a social network for businesses. No, we are not a Facebook imitator. If it is just about creating a simple page for yo…

My 50 Strong Tech Team Ranked 17 Globally On Vworker


My Post At Technorati Tweeted Out By Google News

Image via CrunchBaseThe credit goes to Technorati. Google News does not know who I am. But I just noticed my newest post for Technorati got tweeted out by Google News. That's amazing. Technorati is a Top 30 web property. It is the best thing that has happened for my blogs' traffic.

What was my peak traffic by a wide margin two years back is now not even my floor on a slow day like Saturday. That's amazing. And there is nowhere to go but up. All those links that I send to my blog from my posts at Technorati have been working wonders for traffic to this blog.

Microsoft's Second Act?