StartUp Week At NYU April 6-15

April 6, Wed, Mark Suster (@msuster) NYU 6-9 PM

April 7, Thu, Brad Feld (@bfeld), Adam Rich, and Nate Westheimer (@innonate) 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM NYU Law School (Vanderbilt Hall), Tishman Auditorium, 40 Washington Square South

Monday, 4/11: Develop, Design, Pitch Series mongoDB (@mongodb) Kevin Kearney (@kkearney) and Courtney Lewis of Hard Candy Shell Eric Friedman (@EricFriedman) 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM Kaufman Management Center Room M1-100 44 W 4th St

Tuesday, 4/12: Variety of Tech Entrepreneurs Panel 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM Room M1-100 Spencer Fry (@spencerfry), Carbonmade Hilary Mason (@hmason) Vin Vacanti (@vacanti), Yipit Yasser Ansari (@trisomy21), Project Noah Seth Frader-Thompson (@fraderT), EnergyHub Colin Freund (@Swimmingloaf), Agennix AG James McChullouhgh, Exosome Diagnostics

Wednesday, 4/13: Online Communities 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM The Courant Institute 251 Mercer Street, Room 109 Kyle Bragger (@kylebragger), Forrst Chris Maguire (@revolvingdork), Postling Joe Alminawi, OMGPOP Anthony De Rosa (@AntDeRosa), Neighborhoodr Vanessa Bertozzi (@Van_Bertozzi), Etsy Peter Rojas (@peterrojas), gdgt

Thursday, 4/14: Fundraising: VCs, Angels and Accelerators Chris Dixon (@cdixon), Albert Wenger (@albertwenger), Lawrence Lenihan (@lawrencelenihan), Firstmark Capital, Hilary Gosher (@hilbil175), Insite Venture Partners, David Tisch (@davetisch), TechStars

The Organizers of StartUp Week
The Gotham Gal (@thegothamgal): Just A Quote: I have the privelege of being on a listserv with a group of women. It is the brilliance behind Rachael Sklar (@rachelsklar)...... Today there was an email circulating about an event that Bloomberg is putting on. It is quite a large panel of men and the title of the event is Bloomberg Empowered Entrepreneur Summit. ....... Kind of amazing that in the entire tech community, they couldn't find more than one women who could show a completely different angle of the tech world. It is unfortunate that the panel was not able to find some women who could give as much to the conversation as the wonderful group of people they have put together. For more reasons than I can name, it is important that women are represented in this community as equals because we do not want to become a community that represents corporate America. ..... this does not sit well with me and I would hope it doesn't represent the world that Bloomberg wants to create in NYC. ..... "I would def love to be a part of this. I got this invitation as well and tossed it when i saw the list of all males."
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