Jessica Mah: The Most Promising 19 Year Old Tech Entrepreneur In America

Or maybe she is 20 now. But still. Daniel Gross and Jessica Mah you have you to watch out for. Jessica's InDinero, the for businesses, is headed for a hundred million plus kind of exit in a few years. Daniel will be swimming in the billion dollar range, if only because his product, Greplin, is just more fundamental. But Jessica has started by monetizing from day one. Three years from now they will not be by the roadside, a has been. They will be bigger than anything we can imagine right now.

I got to know Jessica in New York where she took over a MeetUp I had started and had kind of let go. It had become sort of defunct, and she resurrected it, and I started attending it. I was not aware of her Y Combinator stint. But then I read about her in Inc. magazine. And I shot her an email. Is this you? Yes, it's me, she said.
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