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I have talked about writing a 50-100 page autobiography, and I am going to do it, I have already started work on it. But I have come to realize I would not want that to be my first book to go public.

Instead I have decided on putting out five volumes of Topics In Tech based on my posts at this blog. Going to Amazon Kindle Self Publishing. Price $2.99. I think I get two bucks, Amazon keeps the other buck.

This is tempting. I already got the material ready.

This is tempting. The question you find asking yourself is, will the books sell? If they do, I could take bootstrapping to a whole new level.

I feel like I need to put out these five volumes, about 100 pages each, then the autobiography, then my Prezi presentation. I need to get into video blogging.
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Then I'd be really ready for my startup.

A for profit high tech Kiva that does the last mile under its own brand name through the franchise concept.
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